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Culinary sauces: 5 trends for 2024 and beyond

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Culinary sauces: 5 trends for 2024 and beyond

Sauces make a meal, right? Sounds like a fluffy one-liner? Start by picturing yourself a classic steak. The bright acidity and great color of chimichurri, an oil-based sauce with plenty of fresh herbs, illustrate how sauces enhance steaks. The herbs enrich the protein and add fresh, contrasting flavor notes, while the use of lime or vinegar cuts through the fat of the beef to balance the dish.

Chimichurri also provides a splash of green, adding a burst of color to a dish that otherwise consists of various shades of brown, thus making it more attractive to health-conscious consumers. You get the gist. Dipping sauces, pesto, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, or any other cooking sauce: they all have the same sensory power. Yes, we have arrived in the culinary sauces renaissance.

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