Ashland: Solving vegan and plant-protein challenges

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

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Solving vegan and plant-protein challenges

Vegetarian and vegan products are becoming more popular. There are many opportunities to innovate and develop plant-focused foods like meat alternatives, vegetable-based convenience foods and plant-based desserts. However, the challenges in creating these foods is to deliver the eating experience expected by consumers. Plant proteins present special functional challenges due to their structure and physical properties. This webinar session will cover how hydrocolloids can help to overcome these challenges and meet your formulation objectives. Application ideas will also be presented.


Jo Anna Popielarski Jo Anna Popielarski Staff scientist

Carmen Driskes Carmen Driskes Technical Manager Food & Beverages EMEA

Sonya Broderick Sonya Broderick Commercial Manager EMEA Health and Wellness