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The booming healthy snacking market
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The booming healthy snacking market

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Eurial I&N has created a new high-protein pancake concept to illustrate the booming healthy snacking market.

Sports nutrition products are no longer the sole preserve of bodybuilders and professional athletes. "One in four consumers worldwide consume sports and functional nutrition products at least once a week," ​says Anne-Charlotte de Geyer, Marketing Manager at Eurial I&N.

On the other hand, high-protein products remain the most important providers of innovation in Europe. "In 2021, 63% of sports product launches contain protein," ​Anne-Charlotte de Geyer explains.

Eurial I&N, a specialist in dairy ingredients, an expert in B2B solutions and part of the Agrial co-operative, studied the new consumers of sports nutrition products and the products they are looking for. This shows a strong trend for people to want everyday food products but improved to enrich them with certain nutrients and lower the level of others. These products must be good-tasting and deliver a list of ingredients that is short, with simple ingredients. "In order to meet the needs of our B2B customers, we have used our proteins to create a new concept of premix for pancakes," ​adds Anne-Charlotte de Geyer.

This pancake uses two types of proteins: EuriNutri™ 80 WPC, an 80% whey protein concentrate, and EuriNutri™ 85 MPC, an 85% milk protein concentrate. This blend provides both a high protein content and an airy texture. Proteins from whey and milk have different assimilation times. Combining a fast-digesting whey protein with a slightly slower-digesting milk protein diffuses amino-acids into the body over several hours.


Figure 1: Boirie Y and al. Slow and fast dietary proteins differently modulate postprandial protein accretion. Proc. Nat Acad Sci 1997.94;14930-5.

Another important trend for the consumer is the traceability and transparency of food products, which is why Eurial I&N is working to promote the co-operative aspect of its business. The proteins used are produced in France, in the heart of the co-operative's region, in order to respect the nutritional and environmental qualities of these ingredients.