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2021: A Year For Proactive, Holistic Nourishment

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2021: A Year For Proactive, Holistic Nourishment

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2020 changed consumer preferences in many ways. Faced with an unexpected threat to their wellbeing, consumers are taking a more proactive approach to the nourishment of their bodies and minds, driving changes in what they want from food and beverages. These changes in demand create opportunities for brands that can deliver innovative products and solutions designed to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Brands that want to seize these opportunities need to solve tensions created by the trend. Consumers are recognizing that all aspects of their health are connected – just as mental and emotional health have an effect on physical wellbeing, our immune health is connected to factors contributing to overall health and wellness, such as weight, sleep patterns and stress levels.

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A Shift In Shopping Values

Consumers are responding by adopting diets made up of foods and beverages that collectively nourish all aspects of their health. The new focus is on quality over quantity and seeking out wholesome, nutrient-dense foods and beverages, while leaving room in their lives for permissible indulgences that cater to their emotional health management.

ADM is perfectly positioned to meet this new consumer demand, with solutions spanning a wide range of applications. Their global portfolio includes protein-forward snacking, beverages, as well as plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy. ADM’s full pantry of market-ready products is supported by years of technical know-how and formulation expertise, helping to deliver innovative solutions that drive growth according to consumer demand.

Just one example of this is ADM’s plant-based Wellbeing Bite – a convenient, bite-sized snack that’s packed full of nutrients for supporting gut health. It contains 27% of the daily reference intake for protein, 7.5% of the daily reference intake for fiber and 100mg probiotics per serving. Its sweet blueberry and vanilla flavor is also a great source of indulgence and comfort. This concept is only one example of the many food and beverage concepts we’re creating to help manufacturers meet and exceed consumer demand.

In research from ADM’s Outside Voice consumer insights platform, the company found that 80% of consumers now plan to eat and drink more healthily, while one-third of consumers are purchasing more items tailored to their health. Picking up on this trend, ADM has formulated applications such as its vitamin water containing Zinc as well as Vitamins B12 and B6, all of which support immune system function.

The focus on healthy products is underpinned by two effects of the pandemic. Firstly, people are paying more attention to the state of their bodies, notably their immune system. With ADM’s green tea concept featuring Ginger and Vitamin C, health-conscious consumers can benefit from ginger’s benefits as a health-associated botanical, as well as Vitamin C’s contribution to normal immune system function.

Secondly, the pandemic and measures taken to combat it have seen detrimental effects to mental health. More than 50% of global consumers suffered from moderate, high or extreme levels of stress as a result.1

Staying Ahead Of Trends

This data points to a range of opportunities for brands. Nutrient-dense, inherently functional products are likely to find favor with consumers, as are foods, beverages and supplements that support immune function or optimize physical health and mental wellness at every stage of life. There is also a demand for permissibly indulgent options, modular portions that support eating across the day and products with sensory elements that signal energy, nostalgia or comfort.

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Health-conscious consumers are increasingly willing to pay a premium for products that better address their needs. Nielsen found that 46% of global consumers will pay more for superior function or performance benefits, leading the market research company to conclude the health crisis may have led people to prioritize quality and efficacy over price.2

Thanks to ADM’s holistic capabilities as a global solutions provider, they are the ideal strategic innovation partner for brands seeking to match consumer demand for nutrient-dense products that help consumers meet their health and wellbeing goals. These capabilities are paired with years of formulation know-how and expertise in product development to round out a full pantry portfolio of innovative ingredients and solutions.

As new trends emerge in an ever-changing marketplace, ADM’s has what it takes to help brands get an edge on consumer demand and position themselves for success.

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2. Quality and Efficacy May Beat Out Price Sensitivities Amid Coronavirus Concerns.

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