Packaging for Export

Packaging for Export

Of 263 million tonnes of meat produced globally, more than 20% is lost or wasted, of which 8-10% on average in most regions happens during processing and distribution, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation.A significant amount occurs because of spoilage and packaging plays a crucial role in fighting that, especially during export.In this forum, Global Meat News tackles:Packaging process: Paul Jenkins will kick off the GlobalMeatNews forum by delivering a whistle-stop tour of the latest innovations for the meat packaging for export marketPackaging intelligence:  Karl will discuss how using the right type of packaging, such as vacuum packaging with specially engineered materials for poultry, can decrease food safety risks while increasing shelf-life and minimising food waste. He will highlight real examples of packaging solutions that can hold meat and its liquid securely, using less plastic than conventional ones, meaning more sustainable packing. He will also examine the role data analytics has to play in improving food traceability.Packaging methods:  Peter will give an overview of the microbiological aspects of packaging meat for export, including the use of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for different types of meat and product formats, common spoilage issues associated with MAP and food safety aspects of MAP. He will also give a more in-depth appraisal of selected issues including the microbiological concerns of packaging bone-in products.


Karl Deily Karl Deily President of Food Care
Sealed Air

Oscar Rousseau Oscar Rousseau Multimedia Features Writer
Global Meat News

Paul Jenkins Paul Jenkins Managing Director
The PackHub

Peter Wareing Peter Wareing Food Safety & Manufacturing Consultant
Leatherhead Food Research

Rod Addy Rod Addy Editor
Global Meat News