Supply chain action and impact

Supply chain action and impact

Food and beverage manufacturers are assessing where they can reduce their impact on climate in a cost-effective manner, in line with the Paris Agreement. Counting the carbon cost of their own operations and that of their supply chains, the F&B sector is leveraging innovative approaches to mitigate emissions associated with food production.


Pascal Chapot Pascal Chapot Head of Sustainable Agriculture

Annabelle Cox Annabelle Cox CEO

Christine Daugherty Christine Daugherty VP, Sustainable Agriculture & Responsible Sourcing

Mark Driscoll Mark Driscoll Founder and Director
Tasting the Future

Sebastian Jeschko Sebastian Jeschko Process & Product Development
Kern Tec

Tim LaSalle Tim LaSalle Co-founder Center for Regenerative Agriculture
Chico State

Anouska Perram Anouska Perram Coordinator and Senior Counsel
Forest Peoples Programme

Agus Purnomo Agus Purnomo Managing Director for Sustainability and Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
Golden Agri-Resources

Ruth Richardson Ruth Richardson Executive Director
Global Alliance for the Future of Food

Sarah Rogerson Sarah Rogerson Corporate Performance Lead
Global Conopy

Boris Saraber Boris Saraber Director Operations
Earthworm Foundation

Anian Schreiber Anian Schreiber Co-Founder & Managing Director

Olivier Tichit Olivier Tichit Director, Sustainable Supply Chain
Musim Mas Group

Benjamin Ware Benjamin Ware Head of Sustainable Sourcing and Climate Diversity

Turner Wyatt Turner Wyatt CEO & Co-Founder
Upcycled Food Association

Roberto Vega Roberto Vega Global Head of Value Chain

Katy Askew Katy Askew Senior Editor

Flora Southey Flora Southey Section Editor