African Swine Fever: A Global Epidemic

African Swine Fever: A Global Epidemic

African Swine Fever (ASF) is running rife around the world and destroying the international pork industry. China has been one of the countries worst hit by the disease, with every province having at least one reported case of ASF over the past year. This has led to a massive pig cull, up to 200 million pigs according to Rabobank, and skewed pork trade to and from the country. China isn’t the only nation hit by ASF, it has steadily moved across Eastern Europe, with cases reported in Belgium and Bulgaria amongst others. These incidents have led other countries to implement preventative measures such as a wall being built on Polish borders and the US introducing stricter border security. This webinar will examine the extent of the problem, what the impact is on a country confirmed to have ASF, what other countries are doing to protect themselves and what scientific investment is being made to tackle the problem.


Brett Stuart Brett Stuart CEO
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