The Ingredients Show 2019: Profiling cutting edge innovation, sourcing strategies and growth opportunities

By Katy Askew

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The Ingredients Show 2019: Profiling cutting edge innovation, sourcing strategies and growth opportunities
The Ingredients Show, the only UK-based trade event profiling the ingredients sector, will return to the NEC in Birmingham next month. FoodNavigator and sister publication NutraIngredients have put together a packed programme for the event’s Education Theatre.

The Ingredients Show, part of the William Reed portfolio of events, is returning to Birmingham for its second year. The event will run from 8-10 April alongside the Farmshop & Deli Show, National Convenience Show and The Forecourt Show. 

The editorial teams from FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients have collaborated to put together an unmissable Live Education Theatre, which will bring you bang up to date with the biggest industry trends and most exciting innovations. Here are the highlights to watch out for.

Single Origin, Sustainability and the Chocolate Dream: How leading brands are supporting change in the cocoa producing regions of Colombia

With single origin cocoa increasingly representing a point of differentiation for chocolate makers, Luker Chocolate will take you on a journey to Colombia, profiling the sustainability and labour practices in its supply chain.

Packaging unwrapped masterclass: Breakdown Plastics and Podpak present the future of sustainable packaging

plastic bottles stack istock

Plastic pollution is an important issue for many UK consumers, who are demanding a response from the food sector. Get the facts on how Breakdown Plastics is delivering innovation with an organic enzyme-powered approach that breaks down plastic in two years, not 200. Plus, learn how Podpak are putting the ground-breaking science into action by producing eco-positive packaging for Hello Fresh.

Peak performance: what’s next for sports nutrition?

As once-niche sports nutrition goes mainstream on the back of the wellness boom we ask what’s next for this healthy-looking category? Discover what innovations are set to rock the market and how new technologies and consumer demands will shape the sector.

The art of the plant-based meal option. Bring the flavour, leave the meat

With over half of the UK trying to reduce their meat intake consumers look for a wide variety of options with taste and health credentials in this growing category as well as flavour-packed delights following the “dirty vegan” trend. From vegan seafood to plant-based snacks join us as a panel of experts explore the ingredients and methods that leave the meat but bring the flavour!

Farming for the future: explore vertical farming

IGS - _0004_IMG_8571
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Vertical farming is a forward-thinking agricultural approach that has the potential to revolutionise how, where and when we grow produce. The reduction of food miles, water usage and food wastage allows it to meet many future consumer sustainability and food availability needs. Discover how growing produce indoors could positively impact both the industry and your business in this illuminating session showcasing the latest solutions.

The palm oil debate: is sustainable palm oil possible?

Palm oil is now notorious as the industry’s number one ‘dirty commodity’. Many consumers see it as synonymous with habitat destruction for animals like orang-utans: but it’s far from black and white. Our panel scopes out hot topics like what European buyers ending orders will mean for growing communities, and whether truly sustainable palm oil will ever be possible.

How smart manufacturing and IoT is driving the next industrial revolution

We are entering the fourth industrial revolution. Smart factories, robots and the Internet of Things are transforming the food chain and driving efficiency gains. From real-time sensors to big data enabled decision-making tools, join us to find out what technologies will shape the future of food production.

Meet the microbiome: discover your next major food trend

bacteria culture pilli rod microbe microscopic

From fermented foods to the FODMAP diet, the microbiome has captured the hearts and minds of consumers and the media in recent years. Come and uncover the challenges, opportunities and ground-breaking science driving an innovative market that’s kick-starting an ingredients revolution.

Missing the sweet spot? The refined sugar backlash

With the threat of a sugar tax looming, UK soft drink makers have made an extraordinary push to cut sugar with ingredients innovation driving reformulation. But there’s more to be done. With obesity growing, we ask what else is needed to support reformulation and behaviour change at a consumer level – and profile the ingredients developments making this possible.

Go global masterclass: explore international flavours

Watch two talented development chefs rustle up some amazing dishes using innovative and easy-to-use ingredients. Find out how Major Pan-Asian Base Pastes and Fruit Base Compounds can help create crowd-pleasing recipes, from aromatic Balinese Fish and Potato Curry to mouth-watering Lemon Curd Tart.

Insects as ingredients: fad or future food?

Ignore the ‘ick’ factor – insects are a seriously innovative new ingredient. Behind the media buzz, chefs and researchers are experimenting with usage, while forward-thinking insect-based brands pick up more mainstream listings. Discover the challenges and opportunities for this fledgling category with our expert panel.

Innovation first: a new route to sustainability

green environment sustainability invest weerapatkiatdumrong

Contemporary consumer trends mean sustainability has to be built into the planning stage of all new products. This means innovating from the off – by defining what innovation means for manufacturers and then finding responsible ways to ensure resources are maximised and waste is minimised.

Chewing the fat: Good versus bad fat in health and product formulation

Fat has had a makeover. Diets that call for the consumption of so-called healthy fats, like keto and paleo, are gaining popularity. But just what is a healthy fat and what’s the science behind the trend? How will it impact your waistline – and can you have too much of a good thing?

Ethical innovation: sustainable single origin chocolate talk and tasting session

The single origin concept has helped the coffee and tea market get sustainable – and this could be true of chocolate too. Ewa Hudson from Lumina Intelligence, an insights service measuring impact in high-growth food and nutrition markets, presents a deep-dive into the sector, alongside plenty of delicious samples.

Something’s brewing: Is fermentation the next big trend?

Fermentation is making a comeback in the UK. Chiming with two mega-trends – natural products and functional health food – it’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and vitamin B. Plus, from ambient vegetables to health drinks and dairy products, consumers associate it with positive digestive health. Join us for a discussion of what’s driving demand and how the market will develop.

Worth their salt: the ingredients shaking up savoury snacks

Evolving eating habits, the ‘snackification’ of meals and innovative premium offerings have all shaken up the £2.8bn UK salty snacks market. As today’s millennial and Gen Z consumers look for healthier and more experiential products, we explore the next wave of innovation that promises to prove equally disruptive for the snacking space.

In bloom: growing opportunities for botanical ingredients

Blossoming from centuries-old traditions, the botanical extracts industry has found a billion-dollar place in the mainstream. Shoppers are hungry to buy online and in-store, yet European regulations haven’t yet caught up. Our expert panellists will discuss the industry’s changing landscape – from regulations, formulations and contamination issues to sustainability.

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