Inflore & Sens claims to innovate herbal tea market

By Natasha Spencer

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Inflore & Sens claims to innovate herbal tea market
After its success at EU-wide innovation competition Ecotrophelia, Inflore & Sens explain how its product will revolutionise herbal tea consumption.

1. What is the name of your eco-innovation food product?

"Inflore & Sens"

2. Where are you based?

"We are from the engineering school, ISARA-Lyon, located in Lyon, France. It is a school specialising in food science, agronomy and the environment."

3. Can you describe the product in your own words?

"InfIore & Sens is the unexpected association of essential oils and natural plants that are gathered together and combined into a stick. Poured, this liquid mix is diluted instantly in water to create a fabulous beverage.

The stick shape enables individuals and businesses to transport the beverage, wherever they go. It can be diluted in both hot and cold water. Not only does the product create a surprising and intense flavour, but it also offers a new form of hydration that is low in calories."

4. What inspired you to create the product?

"First, we noticed that the herbal tea market lacked innovation. Indeed, the consumer often describes herbal tea as a hot beverage that is consumed at night after dinner. We decided it was about time to change this image using a new way of drinking infusion."

5. What is currently missing from the eco-food market and what gap does your innovation fill?

"Currently, the market misses original and intense flavours, along with new and practical ways to use herbal teas."

6. What was your route to production?

"To determine our recipes, we used our creativity, knowledge and help from our engineering school. We were helped by sensory and aromatic experts to enable our product to contain the best balance of ingredients.

Our main challenge was to find raw materials to use in the testing phase. Indeed, suppliers are less inclined to give samples when it is for a student project, as it may not result in a concrete partnership with them."

7. Who is your target market?

"As our product can be consumed hot or cold, we decided to target two markets: the tea and infusion market and the refreshing non-alcoholic drinks market."

8. Why makes your product a success?

"Our creation is a new, practical and nomadic way of consuming infusion. Yesterday there were tea bags, today there are cold beverages that are too sugary, and tomorrow there will be Inflore & Sens! Just mix it, open it, pour it, and enjoy!"

9. What does the future hold for eco-innovation in food?

"More and more food industries are taking into account the sustainability aspect of their product. In our current way of life, as consumers, we want everything instantly and free from causing environmental damage. We will, therefore, tend to create new ways of consuming food that are practical and sustainable."

10. Where do you hope to see your product in 12 months?

"Hopefully, we will be able to see it in your supermarkets. This presence follows our decision to pursue the Inflore & Sens adventure, which will now be called 3 SENS."

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