5 Fantastic Meats and Where to Find Them

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Rattlesnake sausages are just one of the exotic meats one can buy
Rattlesnake sausages are just one of the exotic meats one can buy
There has been much in the news to make one huffle and puff, the latest Harry Potter spin-off movie got the GlobalMeatNews team thinking about all the magic exotic meats on the market.

With Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne continuing his spellbinding form on the big screen and Harry Potter author JK Rowling turning her hand to the screenplay with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we thought we’d throw an idea into the (sorting) hat.

Here, we list five fantastic meats and let you know where to find them.

One: Crocodile Meat
Low in fat and cholesterol but high in protein, UK-based Kezie Foods’ crocodile meat sourced from South Africa is one of the company’s best-selling products. You can snap your jaws into it by picking up either steaks or burgers online.

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Two: Insect burgers
One Bug Mac burger to go, please! The folks at MuscleFood stock bug burgers made with Buffalo Worms, peas, parsley and basil. Buy four 40g wicked worm burgers for £4. Two days before Christmas the company website said it had run out of the burgers.

Worms, exotic meat

Three: Ostrich
If the last two options made you want to bury your head in the sand, don’t. Tuck into some ethically-sourced Ostrich sausages courtesy of Tuckey’s Exotic Meats instead. Sourced from the African continent the meat has no fat marbling and is extremely lean.

Ostrich steak, exotic meat

Four: Kangaroo
Australia’s foodservice sector is hopping about like mad as demand for ‘roo’ rises. Four out of 48 kangaroo species are currently being harvested for meat in Australia, and UK company Osgrow stocks a full range of products, including sausages, steaks and burgers. Volumes are limited, though, as the Australian Government Kangaroo Management Program dishes out annual slaughter quotas.

Kangaroo meat, steak, exotic meat

Five: Rattlesnake
While it hasn’t made much of a move on the meat market, snake sausages are slithering into consumer consciousness. US firm Exotic Meat Market, founded in 1969, exports rattlesnake sausages to Canada and sells domestically. The meat is tender and should not be overcooked.

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