World’s weirdest chef wants industry to feed people ‘note by note’

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The grandfather of molecular cuisine, and the world’s weirdest chef, Hervé This believes that it is possible to create nutritious and tasty foods by reassembling the compounds that naturally make up foods into something totally new.

According to This, the ‘note by note’ concept could revolutionise the way that chefs and the food industry view and produce foods.

Speaking at Food Vision 2015 in Cannes recently, This claimed that it is ‘easy’ to use the concept of note by note cooking to build a dish ‘molecule by molecule’ … “like a symphony.

“Before … you were cooking with carrots, onions and meat. And food science could recognise that the ingredients are made of compounds – water, cellulose, pectin, sugar amino acids, and so on.”

“Obviously, the idea is to take these compounds and to make food.”

This, who is president of the food section of the French Agricultural Academy and director of the Agro Paris Tech-INRA International Centre for Molecular Gastronomy, added that for some areas of food and drink development, the industry already uses this approach.

Citing examples of tonic water (referred to as Schweppes by This) and gummy candies, he explained that manufacturers in certain categories already combine ingredients in a ‘note by note’ style.

“The idea is obvious, but the question is now to make real food with proteins, oils, polysaccharides,”​ said This. “Real foods, not just a jelly.”

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april fools?

Posted by Laurel,

well that was a waste of 4 mins of my life.
reckon many of us prefer real food real flavour over spray on taste on some bland crud in a packet.
weirdest mightnt be the right word..I can think of a few more fitting:-)

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