Food Visions: Industry needs to confront its communications crash or lose consumers forever

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Food Visions: Industry needs to confront its communications crash or lose consumers forever
Food manufacturers, retailers and other food industry players are failing to connect with consumers who are tuning out of mainstream messaging and infesting their own comms channels, says angel investor, business mentor and philanthropist, Mike Greene.

“There has been a transformational change in the way that we find, listen and see information and generally what I find in all the boards and investments that I do is that suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, producers haven’t kept up with that and I am seeing increasingly that there is more communication and learning that goes on C2C rather than B2C or B2B…” ​said the UK-based former CEO and owner of consumer analyst, HIM!.

“People who hold the budgets in many food producers, manufacturers, retailers and so on are older than social media and really don’t understand it.”

"They don't understand it but the people that do understand it - the younger people - tend not to have the budget to make the decisions so you've got this kind of void where communication is then being lost..."

For this reason new brands were often better at connecting with consumers than older ones.

Food Vision

Greene will share these and other insights at FoodNavigator’s upcoming Food Vision 2014​ event in Cannes on March 31 to April 2 (click here for full details​ ).

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Industry needs to confront its communications crash...

Posted by Rozalin Kostov,

Food industry players need to stop pushing
consumers to eat and to give people the
chance to feed.It won't be hard to share this change with people-they have hopes for
that.It's the song not the singer!

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