What are the top 10 natural and organic food trends that will influence the mainstream? From novel nut butters to purple corn

By Elaine WATSON

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The top 10 natural & organic trends to influence the mainstream
Gourmet nut butters, pea protein, purple corn, yogurt for men and more chewy drinks?  Sterling-Rice Group identifies the top 10 natural and organic food trends that are starting to influence the mainstream grocery market.

Wholesome Foods Just for Men:​ Expect to see more manly yogurt and jerky-fruit bars (food-is-fuel).

Higher-Order Benefits:​ Expect more brands to move away from functional benefits like weight loss and immunity offer more nebulous benefits such as clarity, calm, inner peace and bliss.

Greens Leave the Salad Bowl:​ Look out for more 'green' leaves in teas, snacks and sweets.

Upscale Natural Ingredients Fortify Water:​ Keep an eye out for more waters containing rare natural ingredients, such as birch tree juice, olive oil, and highly alkaline fulvic minerals.

Unexpected Textures Redefine Beverages:​ Yes, more chewy drinks packed with chia and other healthful ingredients.

High-Tech Mock Meats:​ More meat alternatives.

Clean, Allergen-Free Alternative Proteins:​ Expect more plant proteins, especially pea.

Indulgent and Interesting Nut Butters​: Take a nut, grind it and add fruit, chocolate, espresso, spices and seeds - for adults as well as kids...

Bringing Positive Nutrition to Dessert:​ Functional cookies and frozen protein-packed yogurt...

South American Superfoods Add Nutritional Street Cred​: Look out for acerola cherries, Peruvian purple maize and Chilean maqui fruit in juices and energy drinks.

Sterling Rice Group is a Colorado-based branding, innovation and strategy consultancy that works with leading players in food and beverage from Kraft and Heinz to PepsiCo and ConAgra.

For more details on each trend, click here​.

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