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Food machinery export boost for Germany

By Nicholas Robinson

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Germany exports processing machinery
Germany exports processing machinery

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German exports of food processing machinery grew last year, according to figures from the German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (VDMA).

The figures, which were released at IFFA, the international trade fair in Frankfurt, showed that there were around 600 German-based businesses operating in the food processing and packaging machinery sector and 70 operating in the meat processing machinery sector. Combined, these two sectors employed approximately 64,000 people.

Within the global mechanical engineering sector, based on sales, Germany placed sixth and in 2012 produced €11.39bn of machinery and machinery products, which was up 7.8% on the previous year. The country exported more than €7bn of its food processing and packaging machinery in 2012 (+9.8%) and in 2011 Germany held 22% of the €30.59bn global market.

In the meat processing machinery sector, Germany held a 30% share of the global market in 2011 and exported €1.5bn of product in 2011, however, figures for 2012 were not available.

A breakdown by country showed the USA to be the biggest global importer of German meat processing machinery, purchasing €49.5m in 2012, which was up over 7% on 2011.

Russia came second, importing €41.2m of German-made meat processing machinery in 2012, whilst Poland imported €25m in 2012.

The country importing the least amount of German-made meat processing machinery was Australia, which imported just €16.7m.


            German food                   German food machinery
            machinery exports ​           market share

Country        2012              2011​        
USA            €49.5m          €41.7m        34%
Russia         €41.2m          €37.4m        24%
Poland         €25m            €12.6m        40%
France         €23.9m         €25.7m        38%
Austria         €22.1m         €22.4m        72%
Britain          €19.3           €18.5m        40%
China           €18.7m         €23.3m        28%
Spain           €17              €18.5          44%
Netherlands   €16.8m         €13.5m        29%
Australia       €16.7m         €14.6m        34%

Germany’s overall mechanical engineering output was worth €195bn in 2012 (+3.1%). Of this Germany exported €149.43bn, which was up 5.1% on 2011 levels and held a 16.5% share of the global machinery export market, worth €868.85bn, in 2011.

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