We're never going to win on obesity: It's time to change the conversation, says Lustig

By Nathan Gray

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We're never going to win on obesity: The conversation needs to change
The fight for public health should not be against obesity, but rather the dangerous metabolic conditions that both obese and non-obese people suffer from. And the prime target for those diseases is sugar, says Professor Robert Lustig.

Speaking today at a symposium on 'Sugar, Fat  and the Public Health Crisis' Lustig told delegates and the media that the battle against obesity is one that will never be won, and that the 'conversation needs to change' to one based on non-communicable diseases  (NCDs)

"It's not about obesity, it's about metabolic conditions,"​ said Lustig, who was the keynote speaker for the two day event.

"This is the biggest public health crisis in the history of mankind,"​ said the keynote speaker. "The UN secretary general declared NCD ... the biggest threat to developed and developing world than infectious disease including HIV."

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Obesity & sugar

Posted by Joyce Radcliff,

Add the high glycemic affect of denatured wheat in hundreds of products and you have hit the bullseye.

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Professor Lustic is correct but it begs one simple question

Posted by Truman Berst,

The real problem is our politicians are getting money from drug companies to keep people sick, sell more drugs and get rid of healthy food. Therefore, health food is attacked by the FDA/DOJ and criminalized.

Piers Morgan should be deported along with Obama.

Stand up or become more and more of a slave until watching yourself and family go hungry because those around you are getting so sick to death from GMO food and synthetic drugs that you finally rebel and are lead off into one of Obummer's FEMA concentration camps because you waited to long to stand up against tyranny! Then we will be executed in numerous ways to keep the camp population down. Wake up! We are almost there.

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Posted by Andre Gorzynski,

Professor Lustig is absolutely correct. We need to eliminate or reduce our consumption of this poison. Hard to do when it is present in all kinds of gods whether you are aware of it or not. Low fat does not equal low calories usually just the opposite. CHECK THE LABELS
Your body would prefer a good fat versus lousy simple carbs.

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