Study gives weight to polydextrose satiety claim, says DuPont

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DuPont Nutrition & Health claims that a new study has demonstrated the satiating effect of its polydextrose ingredient, with participants eating less food at a subsequent meal after consuming the low-calorie soluble fiber.

DuPont says its Danisco Litesse-brand polydextrose could have a role in appetite control, after researchers at the Functional Food Centre of Oxford Brookes University in the UK published a study looking at its effects on satiety in the European Journal of Nutrition (Eur J Nutr  2012, June 21​).

They reported a 10% reduction in energy intake at a monitored lunch after study participants consumed polydextrose – a soluble fiber with one calorie per gram – one hour earlier. The ingredient has been used to add fiber to food products for 30 years.

Health platform leader at DuPont Nutrition & Health Michael Bond said in a statement: “Successful weight management is ultimately about balancing the energy we consume as food with the energy that we expend through exercise.  Consuming less at mealtimes and selecting less energy dense foods can help individuals to achieve this balance. As Litesse contains 75% less calories than sugar, increases satiety and helps to reduce the desire to eat, it is an ideal ingredient for reducing sugars and calories in products focused on weight management.”

Bond claims that the ingredient is easy to use in most food and beverage formulations because it is highly soluble and stable.

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