Guar replacers target beverages, mayo, ketchup

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Guar replacers target beverages, mayo, ketchup
Manufacturers of fruit beverages, mayonnaise and ketchup have access to a new range of guar gum replacers just launched by Premium Ingredients.

The firm, which is based in Murcia, Spain, said its Premigum XPJ-12008 and Premigum XPJ-12017 solutions overcame common challenges raised by other guar replacers in fruit beverages. These included too much foaming, creating air bubbles in the juice, and an inability to create a variety of viscosities at different levels of acidity.

Drinks makers would need lower doses of both solutions to get similar viscosity as they can with guar gum and could deliver better stability with both than with guar, according to tests using apple juice.

For mayonnaise, Premium Ingredients has launched Premigum XCS-12030 and Premigum XCS-12035, which it claims can work in cold and hot processing and are suitable for egg- and non-egg-based formulas. The solutions provide a creamy, short texture that is not sticky.


The company has also created Premigum XCS-12041 and Premigum XCS-12042 for ketchup, based on sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) with a minority of tara and xanthan gum, Premium Ingredients claims these two stabilizers for ketchup result in a smooth texture and clean mouthfeel without being too sticky or doughy. Choosing which one of the two products depends on the customers requirements in terms of texture, bearing in mind that Premigum XCS-12042 provides more viscosity and body to the ketchup.

Premier Ingredients specializes in the design, production and marketing of functional food ingredient blends. The main focus of the business is on the use of gelling agents and thickeners, emulsifiers, milk, meat and vegetable proteins, selected specialty starches, fibres and other functional ingredients or additives. 

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@ Donnie - Food gums made from corn

Posted by Ralf Neuendorf,

Dear Donnie,
Many thanks for your comments and feedback on the guar situation and its impact on Celiac diets. Obviously we keep our current product range of ingredients based on guar gum and will keep your comment in mind for further product developments. Fortunetely there are some early indications on price relief for guar gum.
Kind regards,
Ralf Neuendorf

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Xanthan is not made from Corn

Posted by Tim,

Xanthan gum is not produced from corn. It is the result of a fermentation process that uses the Xanthomonas campestris bacterium. During the process glucose, sucrose, or lactose can be used as a medium. In some cases those sugars are derived from corn, but not always. To claim that xanthan gum is derived from corn is misleading. In fact, many gum companies offer non-gmo versions of Xanthan whose sugars are guaranteed to not come from corn.

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Food gums made from corn

Posted by Donnie,

I have Celiac and have to avoid gluten. But, I'm also allergic to corn and have to avoid xanthan and other gums that are derived from corn. I relied on guar gum as a great substitute for them, in gluten-free foods and products. It is a shame that the fracking industry is wasting so much guar gum, that we lose the use of it in our gluten-free foods. And I have an even more limited diet, because more corn additives are being used in place of guar gums.

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