Olympics ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for biobased packaging – NNFCC

bio-based packaging at London Olympics 2012

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The Olympics offers brand owners and waste management firms the chance to build on sustainable packaging made from plants according to bioeconomy consultancy group the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC).

The 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games will use packaging made from plant starch and cellulose across food outlets as it aims to become a “zero-waste​” games.

NNFCC have been advising the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) on compostable 'biobased' packaging.

Dr John Williams, head of materials at NNFCC said: "Compostable packaging is ideal for events like the Olympics, because packaging contaminated with food can be composted together, helping to cut waste and generate valuable revenue​.

"By sharing our experiences from London 2012 and developing guidelines which can be applied to other events in the future, we will create a lasting environmental legacy for the fast food and catering trade long after the Games have finished​.”

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What Value?

Posted by Jack Taurse,

Compostable plastics do NOT offer any value to compost, in other words they do not amend the soil. Essentially all it does is convert to CO2 which is NOT captured and is let out to the environment. Why not use plastic for more than "vaporizing" it? Biodegradable plastics can be put into landfills that create green gas from the bio gas it creates, or go to another anerobic environment that is managed. THAT is green. Compostable plastics is just a good solution for the Agriculture industry...and it utilizes fossil fuels to create,so much that it doesn't pencil out for those trying to avoid fossil fuel use. If were going to be earth friendly, we need to get past politics and look at things holistically.

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