Tasteless green tea extract could open beverage NPD doors

By Kacey Culliney

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Taiyo: The green tea benefits, without the taste...
Taiyo: The green tea benefits, without the taste...

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Taiyo has developed a taste-free green tea extract for use in beverage applications which it claims will expand new product development possibilities for beverage manufacturers.

The Sunphenon​ extract is clean label and intended for use in non-carbonated beverages and will be officially launched to global markets at Vitafoods 2012 in Geneva this May.

An important selling point for this product is that it is taste-free, Josef Skrna, marketing manager at Taiyo GmbH, the European branch, said.

“Green tea carries a characteristic bitter taste, which can affect the final taste profile of a consumer product,”​ Skrna told FoodNavigator.com.

“The absence of this taste in Sunphenon XLB-100 offers a distinct advantage for manufacturers, who can now offer the health benefits of green tea without having to counterbalance the bitterness,”​ he added.

“In supplying this truly ‘tasteless’ ingredient, we hope to expand the new product development business possibilities of our customers,”​ he said.

Healthy extracts

The extract offers antioxidant, anti-microbial, deodorant and fat burning activities, however Skrna noted that “at present, there is no health claim in Europe” ​for this product.

Derived from the camilia sinesis plant through water extraction followed by a special treatment, the product has been in development for around one year, he explained.

“Advances in science and technology have furthered our understanding of the body and its responses to develop ingredients that meet the on-going demand for improved health and wellbeing,”​ he said.

The new extract will form part of Taiyo’s wider portfolio of green tea derivatives and is the latest addition to the range.

Its green tea extract collection includes a product that promotes concentration and reduces reaction to stress, a natural soluble fibre and a zinc delivery system for beverages and supplements.

“These products contain highly purified green tea polyphenols, shown to have numerous biochemical and physiological benefits,”​ the company said.

“This latest addition to the portfolio of health ingredients for food and beverages highlights Taiyo’s commitment to providing manufacturers with ingredient solutions which mirror consumer demand for health, without forfeiting taste,”​ it added.

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Posted by rana,

I am surprised by the term 'tasteless' green tea.

But as I know that green tea contains polyphenols (catechins), amino acids along with theanine and many other compounds and all of them have their own taste.
Tastess green tea extract means absence of all components from green tea.
As they are talking about the bitterness and removing or lowering bitterness (which mainly comes from caffeine and related substances in green tea)doesn't mean that it becomes tasteless.

I think the big companies are making fool of the peoples by using the term 'tasteless'.

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