Biorigin targets salt reduction in meat with new umami flavour line

By Jane Byrne

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Brazil based ingredients supplier Biorigin has extended its umami flavour line to enable sodium reduction in meats.

Claudia Crepaldi, marketing & sales global manager at Biorgin, said that its new ingredient, Biotaste Meat, is​an autolyzed yeast obtained from a specific Saccharomyces cerevisiae​ strain developed by the supplier.

It can be used, she continued, in a range of meat products to allow sodium reduction of up to 30% by increasing the meaty, toasted, savoury and umami notes and by delivering a juiciness effect in the final product.

“These characteristics will help to compensate the overall flavour of a meaty product when the sodium content is reduced,”​ said Crepaldi.

Umami is one of the five taste sensations detectable by humans, together with sweet, bitter, salty and sour. It is the taste quality associated with several amino acids, especially the amino acid L-glutamate.

With an urgent need for the formulation of palatable salt-reduced foods to reduce the salt intake of the Western consumer, the umami taste and enhancers of such tastes are gaining prominence in the eyes of the food industry.

Biotaste Meat will be released at FIE in Paris next month, with Crepaldi also flagging up Biorgin’s new line of multifunctional ingredients for bakery called Biogard, which, she said, are aimed at enhancing the taste profile and extending the shelf life of a wide variety of baked products.

The marketing manager explained that the supplier’s ingredients are produced by a fermentation processes. Based on this method, the Brazilian company said it can produce “ingredients with different profiles of amino acids and nucleotides, responsible for promoting the umami flavor.”

This flavour, continued Crepaldi, can compensate for the salty flavour in foods submitted to salt reduction, as it provides “flavour impact and harmonization.”

The ingredients, she stressed, are natural, clean label, GMO‐free and allergen‐free, and are also certified (ISO 9001 and 22000, HACCP, Kosher and Halal) and have full traceability.

“With its own production of all the yeast used as raw material, Biorigin ensures traceability and control of the process, providing greater security for the client," ​commented Crepaldi. "Another advantage is the Pure Culture plant, the first in Brazil, which allows the selection of the best yeast strains for each product and the maintenance of continuous production,”​ she added.

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