National Starch extends native starch range for low to moderate process tolerant systems

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National Starch has developed a new native starch for use in products where processing rigours are low to moderate, and with a clean taste profile that makes it suitable for neutral sauces and soups.

The ingredients company first launched its Novation range of functional native starches 14 years ago, and it now has over 20 variations in its portfolio. It says that while native starches are attractive because they do not require declaration of an E-number, they can perform unpredictably in food products, bringing issues like gelling and synereris (the separation of liquid in a gel), which affects shelf-life stability.

Laura Goodbrand, European marketing manager, wholesome, at National Starch Food Innovation told that the Novation range aims to provide more consistency thanks to the combination of a patented process that allows it “get the best from the starch without chemical modification”,​ and selection of raw materials to give precise characteristics that suit quality, performance and labelling needs.

“Many food formulators are looking to tap into the growing additive-free market but have been put off by the unpredictable performance of native starches,”​ she said.

The new addition to the line-up is called Novation Uno 260. it comes from maize, and can be labelled simply as ‘maize starch’ or ‘corn starch’.

“We designed Novation Uno to meet low to moderate processing conditions, in which our core range, which includes Novation 2600, overperform. This solution therefore offers manufacturers the opportunity to make top quality, high performance products, even in lower / less demanding recipes,”​ said Goodbrand.

Ongoing development

Goodbrand said the company has a programme for continually expanding its Novation functional starch range, and is looking to cover every food processing quandary.

As well as the Novation Uno offering, it also has Novation Prima, tackling freeze-thaw stability, and Novation Indulge to help create interesting new textures.

Market trend

Market researcher Mintel tracks the ‘natural’ food product trend using its Global New Product Database.

In 2008 ‘natural’ was the most popular claim made on new food and beverage products around the world, as wholesome and pure become new ideals of healthy eating.

The market researcher classified a number of terms under the ‘natural’ banner, including ‘no additives/preservatives’, ‘organic’, and ‘wholegrain’ – as well as ‘natural’ itself.

On a global basis 23 per cent of all new products launched in 2008 made natural claims, a search of Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD) has shown. Moreover the UK is seen as leading the natural boom, with 36 per cent of new launches flagging up natural credentials.

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