Enzyme collection boosts juice yield in a volatile market, says Danisco

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Danisco has put together a selection of enzymes to increase yield for juice manufacturers and help apple processors in particular deal with a volatile marketplace.

Maximising yield from fruits is a key demand from juice makers because fluctuations in supply in the context of consistently growing demand can increase prices and decrease the availability of quality fruit.

Danisco spokesperson Brigitte Haber Borch said this is of particular concern for apple juice makers because in the event of a small harvest the priority is high margin table fruit, leaving less fruit available for juice production at higher prices. For this reason and on account of the strength and size of the apple juice market, Danisco is targeting its MaxJuice Process at apple juice makers.

Higher yield

In recently conducted tests, the company claims the process can secure up to 20 per cent more yield at the best possible quality. In a simulation based on 100,000 tonnes of processed apples, Danisco says its enzyme collection can save manufacturers up to $2.88m.

“Our solution enables processors to limit the impact of factors beyond their control, such as a poor apple harvest,”​ said Werner Speiser, global product manager for fruit juice enzymes. “By establishing the best possible processing conditions in their plant, yield improvements of 20 per cent are realistic.”

The MaxJuice Process comprises of ingredients already developed by Danisco to increase yield along the juice production line from extraction to ultra-filtration.


Pektozyme PowerMash is used early on in the production process to prepare fruit, and especially apples, for pressing. Treatment with the pectolytic enzymes improves pressing capacity and creates an excellent juice aroma, according to Danisco.

The company claims the resulting juice extract has a low pectin content and thickness preparing it ideally for depectinisation and clarification. Ultimately it then prepares the ground for high filtration rates.

Alongside Pektozyme PowerMash, Danisco recommends Pektozyme MaxJuice, an enzyme product that enables residual juice to be extracted from apple pomace, which is typically regarded as waste. Pektozyme MaxJuice also prevents haze development in juice concentrates, according to Danisco.

Depectinisation of the juices, which releases pectins to increases yield, can then be managed with Pektozyme PowerClear P. By reducing the colloidal charge of the juices, the enzyme prepares juice for optimum final ultra-filtration.

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