Ingredients launch round-up 2007: Part two

By Jess Halliday

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In our second round-ups of new ingredients that have become
available this year, we highlight launches of
carbohydrates and fibres, cultures, enzymes, and fats and oils.

Alland & Robert launched a new gum Arabic ingredient range called Emulsifying 500 that it says has exceptional emulsifying properties, allowing less to be used and reducing the need for OSA starch in beverage formulations.

Avebe introduced its clean-label potato-starch derived ingredient Etenia, initially as a fat replacer in dairy products.

It is said to have gelling as well as thickening properties.

The ingredient was developed in partnership with DSM, which is selling it for use in bakery products.

Cargill Texturizing Solutions has expanded its lethicin offering along quality lines, making four different grades available to cater to manufacturers' precise needs and budgets.

The line, called the Lecitin Quality Toolbox consists of Standard, High, Premium, and FQ-Max - all of which come with full traceability.

The main quality factors taken into consideration were based around product safety, functionality and product value.

Cognis launched a new emulsifier with low trans-fat content to help food makers conform with consumer health demands.

Nutrisoft 55 can be used in ice cream, bread and mousse desserts, and can replace saturated standard emulsifiers while "also increasing the stability and quality of prepared foods".

Cognis also extended its non-hydrogenated fat range of Lamequick whipping agents with three new versions suited to a broader range of technical applications that meet consumers' non-hydrogenated fat requirements.

Of the three new additions, Lamequick C69, which is made with a lactic acid ester of mono-glycerisdes, is suitable for use in cold liquids.

Lamequick CP 642 is made with propylene glycol mono-stearate and is used to achieve fine textures.

Finally, Lamequick AS 352 is acid-stable, and is used in the pH range 3 to 4.5.

This makes it particularly suitable for fruity applications.

In addition, Cognis has developed a new whipping agent under its Lamequick brand using vegetable oils that are free from lauric acid, thus avoiding the soapy taste that can result from interactions with herbs and spices.

Lamequick AS 165 is claimed to have superior stability when up against enzymatic saponification, which makes it particularly suitable for aerated snacks like savoury mousses and spicy creams.

It could also be used for light and aerated low-calorie products.

For instance, if used to aerate liver sausage it can result in a light and calorie-reduced spread.

For the European bakery industry, Cognis developed a new Lametop 500 line of DATEM (Di-Acetyl Tartrate Ester of Monoglyceride) emulsifiers that it says is more sophisticated than previous offerings and can improve product volume at a lower cost.

Tartaric acid is said to be a major factor in the efficacy of the DATEM, and Cognis found a way to introduce this at precisely the right place in the molecule for it to have the greatest effect.

To target consumer demand for transfat free products, Cognis launched a new emulsifier called Nutrisoft 55, which can be used in ice cream, bread and mousse desserts.

The company says it can replace saturated standard emulsifiers while "also increasing the stability and quality of prepared foods".

Colloides Naturels International (CNI) launched a new 'nutritional texturiser' combining Acacia gum fibres and wheat fibres called Equacia.

It is said to offer food markers thickening and stabilising properties and can act as a water binder, fat replacer and mouthfeel enhancer.

In addition, the soluble fibres have a prebiotic effect, while the insoluble fibres can aid digestion.

Danisco began developing a range of emulsifiers aimed at reducing the need to use commodity products such as wheat, gluten, and vegetable oils in food formulations, as manufacturers feel the pinch of soaring prices.

The first two solutions to be launched allow the vegetable oil content in margarines and spreads to be reduced and replaced with water; for the gluten in bread to be reduced without affecting bread volume.

Danisco also launched a new emulsifier Dimodan NH Distilled Monoglyceride, which is intended to help bakers to smooth over consumer concerns about hydrogenated fats at no expense to the quality of their bread products.

To enable manufacturers to offer up soya desserts as a viable alternative to dairy desserts by giving them an equally creamy texture, Danisco launched a line of ingredients known as Grindsted PF Creamline Stabiliser Systems.

These make use of the hydrocolloids carrageenan and guar gum to heighten the creamy texture of soya desserts, even at low fat levels.

Another new launch under the Grindsted line is Grindsted WP 950, an emulsifier and stabilizer system for vegetable-based whipping cream.

A major selling point when compared with butterfat-based dairy whipping cream that it stiffer, meaning that it will keep its shape in decorations and the cakes will last longer on the shelves.

It also prevents syneresis, a problem caused by water leaking from the cream, which can make cakes soggy.

The final product is also significantly more stable at ambient temperatures than butterfat-based cream and maintains low viscosity.

Palsgaard launched its Palsgaard IceTriple system, a combination of emulsifiers and stabilisers based on proplylene glycol esters of fatty acids (PGMS), mono-diglycerides and hydrollodoids that it says allows for a 20 to 25 per cent reduction in total milk solid content in a standard ice-cream.

Moreover, the Danish company says it comes with functionality benefits.

The three characteristics alluded to in the name are creaminess, ability to withstand heat shock, and melting resistance.

Palsgaard also developed a new instant cake emulsifier called SA 6600 said to ensure cake quality irrespective of variations in temperature, and stabilise the product during processing by keeping air tightly bound within the batter.

The powdered emulsifier can be used at a reduced dosage than gels as the emulsifier content is significantly higher and the water content reduced.

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