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Fluid extraction system helps eliminate waste

By Ahmed ElAmin in Chicago

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A new automated extraction system increases the amount of high
viscosity fluids that can be removed from bulk bag-in-box packages,
its manufacturer claims.

The Air-Evac system, by A.R. Arena Products, can help processors extract the maximum amount of ingredients from bulk storage bags sent by their suppliers, said company vice president Mike Brunhuber.

The company claims the system will reduce the amounts of residual product left behind in the bag by up to 50 per cent, increasing yield, while reducing the cost and environmetal impact of discarding the sold waste.

"The Air-Evac will benefit customers in any market that want to incease labour productivity while decreasing waste and the possiblity of product contamination,"​ he said.

The company says it is targeting manufacturers in the dairy, beverage, dressings, condiments, and confectionary sectors. Other markets include health and personal care products.

A.R. Arena says the hands-free system works by replacing the volume of liquid pumped out of the inner chamber of the bag with shop air introduced to chambers on the outside of the bag.

The inflating air chambers push the liquid content toward the bag outlet. Air volume is increased as the liquid content decreases.

As the products such as mayonnaise pools around the drain opening it can be pumped out, allowing the Air-Evac to achieve low residual levels left in the bag. This virtually eliminates waste, the company claimed here at PackExpo.

The shop air does not come in to direct contact with the bag's contents, eliminating the possiblity of product contamination from that source.

The automated system does not require an operator to intervene during the extraction process. The Air-Evac liner also alerts operators when the contents of the bag are nearly emptied, eliminating the need for constant monitoring, the company stated.

The system also eliminates the need for bag wringing or scraping, the company claimed.

The company unveiled the new system here at the four-day long PackExpo exhibition, which ended yesterday in Chicago.

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