Flat label records time, temperature

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A new flat label can record time and temperature data on food
products for up to eight weeks,providing a record in case safety
has been compromised by improper storage.

PakSense said its flat temperature monitoring label, TXi, allows processors of perishable items to make better quality and safety decisions.The label can save them the cost of recalls if they are able to stop products that have been keptoutside the safe temperature parameters from reaching the retail shelves.

PakSense TXi labels cost a fraction of comparable temperature monitoring products and will promote broadersampling throughout the cold chain, the company claims.

"With the data the labels provide, vendors will be able to ensure that sub-standard product does not get disseminated in the market, protecting theirbrand,"​ PakSense stated in a press release this week. "Consumers will ultimately benefit by having access to safer, fresher and higher-quality products."

PakSense TXi labels are flat, about the size of a sugar packet, and can record time and temperature data for up to eight weeks. LED alerts provide visual indication ifa temperature specification has been breached. All data obtained by the label can be downloaded andgraphed using computer software.

The labels are encased in food-grade packaging and can be either attached to cartons with adhesive or laiddirectly on product. They are pre-programmed with acceptable temperature range specifications by PakSenseand can be customized for each product application - such as meats, seafood, produce or pharmaceuticals.

The customer or their supplier uses the label by snapping the corner to activate it. The label isdesigned to be attached to the product prior to shipment.

A special reader and software is used to download the label information. PakSense said it can can work withcustomers to calculate the effect temperature variation has had on remaining useful life aparticular line of products.

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