CCL develops tamper-proof aluminium packaging

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CCL Container has developed packaging that it claims is virtually
impossible to replicate - an important consideration given concerns
about food safety.

The company is currently working with Trimspa, a US-based nutritional supplementmanufacturer, to provide tamper-free product packaging.

"Counterfeiting is a very real threat in a number of market sectors," said Ed Martin, vice president of sales and marketing at CCL Container.

"Diet aids are no exception. A counterfeiter generally presents its lesser quality knock-off in similar packaging to confuse consumers, steal attention, and drive purchases in their direction. By making the packaging impossible to replicate, you can maintain product distinction and earned market share."

CCL's solution came in the form of an aluminium bottle. The company claims that the 100 per cent recyclable, seamless aluminium container offers both security and brand recognition. As the only product in the category utilising aluminium, it immediately differentiates itself from competing brands in familiar plastic and glass containers.

To make the package especially difficult to replicate, CCL will soon be debossing a portion of the Trimspa logo on the side of the container. And to further foil imitation brands, intricate lithography included a monochrome screened photo image.

In addition to providing counterfeit protection, Trimspa's new packaging had to fulfill several other important requirements. These included tamper-evidence features, environmental friendliness, and product stability equal to that of plastic packaging.

CCL incorporated tamper-evidence functions by increasing the surface area of the lip of the bottle to accommodate a pressure-sensitive liner that served as the protective and consumer-preferred seal. Additionally, an outer plastic band covers the neck and closure of the package, delivering the anticipated 'snap' upon first use.

"We decided to use an aluminium bottle in our packaging because aluminium is the most recyclable material,"​ said Trimspa chief executive Alex Goen. "We are very concerned about the environment and felt it was the most natural and responsible thing to use."

CCL Container​ is North America's leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminium aerosol cans and bottles and is a major supplier of barrier systems. The company offers both the piston barrier system and ABS "bag-in-can" technology.

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