Rexnord offers improved conveyor belt technology

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Rexnord is using the up-coming Interpack 2005 event to display the
latest developments in conveying technology, including
wear-resistant belts and high-speed applications for PET bottles.

Two new products on view will be the LBP 3003 and 3004 modular belts with rollers, intended for conveying packages and 90° transfer applications. The company claims that major benefits include high working load, excellent chain-sprocket interaction, easy maintenance via removable plugs, low backline pressure and positive drive.

The 1505 SuperGrip modular belt has been designed as a solid alternative to endless rubber or PVC belts in pack handling. Rexnord says that the well-bonded rubber top coverage is extremely wear resistant, and thanks to its 15mm pitch, the belt can be wrapped around small nose-over profiles.

This enables in-line transfers with dead plates as narrow as 22 mm. The main application field can be found in conveyors where multipacks, boxes, plastic trays and other packed containers are slowed down, accelerated, inclined, declined or where the flow has to be separated into trains.

The FT 1050-1055 with tabs on the other hand is a new series of sideflexing chainbelts, designed to offer improved flatness tolerance, minimised gaps and better cleanability. Great handling of stable PET and glass containers is thus ensured.

The thickness of the top plates is the same as 1000- and 1005-series modular belts, enabling trouble-free transfers of products. High working loads and, in case of the FT 1055, a thick top plate guarantee long life operation in abrasive environments.

The 66-series patented steel chains have been developed for most demanding, high-speed applications in glass bottle filling lines, such as infeed and discharge conveyors of fillers, labellers and pasteurisers. Rexnord​ claims that excellent results can also be obtained in systems conveying plastic crates for returnable bottles. Compared to current chains, a considerable wear life extension is achieved, due to the revolutionary pin material.

PS material has been developed for both chains and belts, and offers significant benefits due to the huge increase in speed performance with a PV value more than 50 per cent higher than conventional acetal materials. Under certain conditions, PS running dry even outperforms most lubricated plastic chains.

All together this makes these chains ideal for transport of PET bottles, reducing the friction by at least 10 per cent. Other advantages include a significant longer wear life and a reduced dust development.

And finally, stainless steel conveyor components from Rexnord are now available in a complete line. The company claims that the most important features of the various clamps, brackets, joints, side supports, supporting heads, bases, bearings and levellers are the strong and stiff design, easy to clean shapes and resistance to strong cleaning agents.

Taken together, these components are ideal for food and beverages, and other industries where exceptional hygiene is required.

Interpack​ runs from the 21 to 27 April in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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