BOC acquires safety portfolio

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BOC, a developer of engineered solutions for the food processing
industry, has acquired the food safety product portfolio of RGF
Environmental Group. Those assets include a full line of food
safety equipment and ozone and ultra-violet (UV) technologies used
in pathogen control programmes for the food processing industry.

BOC and RGF have also committed to a long-term research and development relationship. RGF​ will continue to develop new UV products and make enhancements to the existing product line BOC is now purchasing. The total value of the deal is worth nearly $3 million.

"RGF will continue to assist and support BOC in the development and commercialisation of UV products,"​ said Ronald G. Fink, chief executive RGF Environmental. "We are convinced that joining our strength in UV technology with BOC's 40-plus years' experience in the food industry will speed the delivery of validated pathogen intervention technologies to food processors."

The acquisition complements BOC's strategy of offering multiple pathogen intervention technologies to customers in the meat, poultry, seafood, beverage and fruit & vegetable industries, said Mark DiMaggio, business manager, food safety markets.

"The US food safety market is expanding rapidly,"​ said DiMaggio "Food processors have numerous options, but there is no silver bullet, or dominant technology. With our experience, broad customer base, and range of offerings to the food processing industry, BOC is uniquely positioned to take a leadership role in pathogen control systems."

BOC​ believes that the acquisition, which includes a long-term co-operative agreement with RGF for new product development and technical support, will improve the company's ability to offer customers a range of aqueous and non-aqueous pathogen control interventions that operate in both dry or wet environments. The firm aims to help customers address their atmosphere, microbe and temperature control requirements so they can deliver the highest quality food to their customers.

To achieve this, BOC provides a range of offerings, such as ozone and UV light pathogen intervention systems, chilling and freezing technologies, modified atmosphere packaging, state-of-the-art food monitoring and control technologies and water management services. The group has also developed a precision-controlled, continuous grinding and blending system to help customers achieve total process control in their plants.

BOC serves two million customers in more than 50 countries. It employs 46,000 people and had annual sales of over $7 billion in 2003.

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