Hygienic cert for Micro Motion technology

A low-cost coriolis meter made by Micro Motion can now be used in
food and beverage applications.

Micro Motion's R-Series meter, which measures and transmits mass flow rate for liquids and gases, can now be used in food and beverage applications said the company.

The technology has received certification from TNO Nutrition and Food Research in Holland showing that it meets the hygienic design criteria.

The Micro Motion low-cost Coriolis meter is both EHEDG certified and 3-A authorised and is designed to reduce process variability and save money with the life of the meter.

The company claims that even under changing process conditions, it provides improved repeatability and twice the rangeability of older, conventional technologies. It has a self-draining stainless steel design with a standard 0.8 mm internal surface finish that is easy to clean in place.

Micro Motion's R-Series requires no flow conditioning or straight pipe runs which makes installation easy in existing pipework, said the company.

It added that its Coriolis flow measurement eliminates the fluid conductivity limitations and density assumptions often required when applying more traditional volumetric flowmeters, such as differential pressure based orifice plate, electromagnetic, positive displacement, turbine, and vortex.

The low-cost Coriolis solution would suit small to medium range sizes in a variety of applications.

"The release of the R-Series for hygienic applications makes the Micro Motion product offering the most complete Coriolis measurement solution available worldwide,"​ the company said in a statement.

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