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Food prices higher in Norway than anywhere else in Europe

Food is more expensive in Scandinavia and Switzerland than anywhere else in Europe – with Norway topping the list, according to new data from Eurostat.

Weighing up the possibilities: Cutting calories in chocolate through fat reduction

The global reduced fat chocolate category is set for 13.4% sales growth this year.  We ask how chocolate makers can formulate to get a piece of the action.

Study links eating high-GI carbs to stimulation of addiction center in brain

Foods high on the glycemic index, such as highly processed carbohydrates found in white flour, can cause excess hunger  and stimulate brain regions involved in reward and cravings, according to...

Contaminants in food may worsen metabolic problems of obesity: Mouse study

Food contaminants including dioxin, PCB, and BPA may increase the risks of obesity by worsening metabolic responses, warn researchers.

News in brief

Nestlé announces European youth employment programme

Nestlé has announced a new youth employment programme in Europe.

EFSA proposes improvements to existing meat inspection methods

Improvements to existing practices for the inspection of meat across Europe have been proposed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

European sports nutrition sector calls for end to 'decade-long regulatory limbo'

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) says there is no need for separate sports products regulation as general food law is sufficient, ahead of a European Commission report on...

Significant salt reduction won’t affect safety in broths and ready meals, say researchers

Significant salt reduction is possible in most broths and ready meals without affecting microbial safety, according to a new study published in the Journal of Food Safety.

Dietary fructose linked to liver damage by gut bacteria mechanism: Animal data

A high intake of dietary fructose may lead to ‘rapid’ liver damage from bacteria even in those who do not gain weight, according to new data in monkeys.


World’s first stevia-sweetened Coke hits Argentina

The Coca-Cola Company announced yesterday that it plans to launch the first Coke sweetened with stevia, in a mid-calorie offering targeting the Argentinian market, despite PepsiCo’s recent insistence that the...

Mint confectionery oral care claims rising, says Mintel

Around a quarter of recent product launches in the tablet confectionery category have made claims for breath freshening or oral care. Mintel explores the latest flavor trends and health claims...

EU reaches deal on CAP reform

European institutions reached a deal on reforming the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Wednesday, including a compromise that will end sugar quotas by 2017.

Eating meat is not like smoking, ASA tells PETA

Animal rights group PETA has been banned from comparing the health effects of eating meat with smoking risks, the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has ruled.

News in brief

EU launches consultation on nanomaterials

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to clarify how nanomaterials are addressed and safety is ensured.

Flavors to cut fat and salt should work on the tongue not the nose, says Givaudan

Developing flavors for reduced fat or sodium snacks needs ingredients that work on the tongue and not in the nose, Givaudan says.

Fat replacement trend drives European demand for emulsifiers

Europe is the world’s biggest market for food emulsifiers as food manufacturers have ramped up fat reduction efforts, according to a new report from RnRMarketResearch.

British dairy supply chain a ‘global leader’ in terms of environmental sustainability: Industry report

The British dairy supply chain – comprising farmers, processors and retailers – is a “global leader” in terms of environmental sustainability, an industry-funded report has claimed.

News in brief

LycoRed develops new tomato-derived red colours to replace carmine

LycoRed has developed new shades of its tomato-derived lycopene red colouring, which it says are similar to those from insect-derived carmine.

DS Smith explores consumers’ response to Retail Ready Packaging

Manufacturers across Europe are being asked to take part in pioneering research into consumers’ response to Retail Ready Packaging (RRP).

News in brief

All work no play? Industry launches app to encourage future engineers

A mobile app featuring a manufacturing robot has been launched as part of the food and drink industry’s careers campaign.

Food supply chain reps back plan to halve EU food waste by 2020

Food industry representatives from across the European food supply chain have pledged to halve edible food waste in the EU by 2020, in a declaration signed in Brussels on Tuesday.

Pleasure from food can be seen in the eyes, researchers find

The pleasure derived from eating certain foods may be seen in the eyes – a finding that could help food scientists develop tasty foods that without the ‘side effect’ of...

Private label ‘perfect storm’ will not shake snacks, says Euromonitor

There’s a perfect storm brewing for private label across Europe, but big brand strength will shelter snack makers, says Euromonitor.

Palm oil companies given 48 hours to provide satellite images of plantations

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has given five of its Indonesian members 48 hours to submit satellite images of their plantations, as evidence that they are not responsible...

Reformulation crucial to improving public health, says UK policy expert

Reformulating foods and drinks that people actually consume is crucial for improving public health, as many people are just not interested in healthy eating, according to a new article published...

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