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What is more important: Local or organic?

Whether food is locally sourced is more important to consumers than whether it organic or not, according to new research conducted on organic and non-organic consumers in Germany. 

What is more important: Local or organic?

Retailers outpacing brands on sustainable tuna

Retailers have come out top for sustainability in a Greenpeace league table while the UK’s two biggest brands are the worst offenders.

Scotland launches new dairy marque to boost exports

Scottish Dairy is launching a new marque and export strategy for added-value dairy products at Anuga, aimed at growing international sales and diversifying the dairy sector.

Conversion of fish waste to flavours could be commercially viable, say researchers

Researchers working on ways to convert fish waste in to flavours say it may be a commercially viable proposition for the industry.

‘Elemis’ sugar replacer to revolutionise bakery industry

UK bakery market to grow by 9% by 2020

Ulrick & Short has sold its first sugar displacement product, ‘Elemis’, as it predicts the UK bakery market will grow by 9% by 2020.

Space technology to boost food industry

UK food manufacturers could benefit from £3.75M of funding to help develop innovative food production methods using satellite and space technology.

Keep UK in EU, argues new campaign group

Britain will be better off within the EU, a new cross-party campaign group launched today, led by the chairman of online grocery business Ocado and former chief executive of Marks and Spencer Stuart Rose will argue.  

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