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First-of-its-kind reformulation report reveals big cuts in Irish salt, fat & sugar intake

Irish manufacturers have cut the salt content in food by 37%, according to a first-of-its-kind report that has quantified voluntary reformulation efforts and documented shifts in consumer intake of key nutrients. "This has never been done before," say the authors.

First-of-its-kind reformulation report reveals big cuts in Irish salt, fat & sugar intake

Next generation innovation: Start-up incubator launches in Switzerland

Describing itself as the most "start-up friendly accelerator on the planet," MassChallenge is expanding to Switzerland under the auspices of Nestlé and Givaudan after helping 218 start-ups in the UK and US last year.

Most French food firms fail to state meat origin

Over half (54%) of processed meat products in France fail to use origin labelling - a 'pitiful result' suggesting the government's call for voluntary action has not been heeded, says French consumer watchdog.

Open letter feud: ICCO and cocoa producer group at odds on farmer inclusivity

The International CoCoa Farmers Organization has called for greater farmer involvement in cocoa sustainability efforts and plans to host a conference alongside the International Cocoa Organization’s top event after its board membership request was rejected.

Italian authorities seize fake Moët & Chandon champagne

Counterfeit champagne has been seized in Italy in what authorities have called ‘one of the most significant’ findings of its type.

Hunt won’t rule out sugar tax, as Jamie gets ‘more ninja’

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has refused to rule out a sugar tax, as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has vowed to “get more ninja” in his bid to tackle the UK’s obesity epidemic.

Study shows adding milk protein to breakfast and lunch benefits seniors

New research published in the January edition of The Journal of Nutrition has found eating an even amount of protein at each meal throughout the day might be better than having most of the protein at dinner time. 

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