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Russia considers a tax on palm oil and sugary drinks

The Russian government is considering imposing a tax on palm oil and sugary drinks in a bid to fill state coffers and improve public health, according to reports.

Palm oil is the second most consumed vegetable oil in Russia according to figures from the United States Department of Agriculture. © iStock

The world faces a 40% water deficit by 2030: Rabobank

Unless wide, sweeping investments are made in better water management, the world could face a 40% global water deficit in less than 15 years, warns a report by Rabobank.

Food choices linked to ‘plasticity genes’ and child upbringing

The interaction between genes linked with obesity and environmental upbringing is likely to determine healthy or unhealthy food choices in adult life, Canadian researchers have stated.

Barley can improve blood sugar levels and curb hunger pangs

Including barley in the diet can improve blood sugar levels and help control hunger pangs in a surprising yet promisingly short period of time, say Swedish researchers.

A handful of walnuts a day may help reduce cardiovascular risk whilst losing weight

A walnut-rich, higher-fat diet results in favourable changes to lipid levels associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease in overweight women, a study supported by the California Walnut Commission has suggested. 

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