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European organisations urge MEPs to reject TTIP resolution

A coalition of 483 European organisations has written to MEPs urging them to reject the latest resolution on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) due for vote in the European Parliament tomorrow.

Sugar prices falling – even as consumption rises

Global sugar prices have been on a downward trend – and there is no end in sight, according to Rabobank’s latest sugar quarterly.

Demand for natural colours is going global, finds 5000-strong survey

Asian consumers are fuelling demand for clean labels and natural colourings - and will bolster a trend that  has been dominated by western Europeans until now, a 5000-strong global survey has found.

General Mills CEO: Retailers want cereal innovation – think gluten-free, protein and granola

US cereal sales continue to decline, but retailers know the category is still important and want innovation around prevalent consumer trends, says the CEO of General Mills.

Russian companies react to food embargo extension

Russia’s meat industry could reap benefits from the extension of its food embargo, which will not directly increase prices on its domestic market, say market participants. 

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