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How can industry warm the Western palate to eating insects?

To sell insects to Western consumers, food manufacturers must create products that align ethical motivations with sensory expectations – meaning cricket flour cookies will fare better than chocolate-coated crickets. 

EU project aims to link up European food research

European research into food, health and nutrition needs to be better synchronised to link up data on food intake, production and health outcomes, according to an EU-funded project due to end in August this year.

Bank holiday beers: Why alcohol consumption data doesn't match sales figures

Alcohol consumption during bank holidays, celebrations and other special occasions is inadequately measured in normal consumption surveys, according to a study that suggests 12m more bottles of wine a week can be added to consumption in England when festivities are taken to account. 

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EU resolution urges action over olive tree bacterium

MEPs passed a resolution last week demanding decisive action to stop the spread of the Xylella bacterium, which has already destroyed thousands of olive trees in Italy.