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Exposed: How powerful lobbies thwarted hormone chemical regulation

Public health is being compromised as the European Commission bows to the pressure of lobbies and is divided by internal power struggles over toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals, claims a report.

Many still oblivious to obesity threats

People around the world significantly underestimate the health impact of obesity, but do support interventions to prevent it, according to two new surveys.

The Better Regulation Package - will consumer protection be bettered or battered?

The European Commission is calling its Better Regulation initiative 'radical and different' - but consumer groups say power is being handed over to big businesses and that consumers will suffer from weakened food policy.

Tesco commits to 5% sugar reduction in own label food and drinks

UK-based retail giant Tesco is the first to commit to reducing added sugars by 5% incrementally a year in all own label soft drinks, says Action on Sugar.

Just scaling up alone without fundamental changes to farming practices could decrease costs by 25-50%

All Things Bugs: We’re having conversations with a lot of mainstream food manufacturers

While cost is a barrier – and regulatory issues need ironing out – mainstream food manufacturers “have been way more open to this [using edible insects in their products] than you would probably think”, says the founder of the world’s largest insect-based food ingredient manufacturer.

Arla Foods agrees to form joint venture with Egypt's largest dairy

Arla Foods and Egypt's largest dairy Juhayna Food Industries have agreed to form a joint venture to sell Arla products in the country.