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Organic logo overload? Consumers are not confused, suggests study

The EU organic logo has been mandatory since July 2012

There is room for several organic logos within one market – as long as shoppers perceive advantages of one over another, a new study suggests.

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Turning emotions in to actions: Why do consumers spend more on ethical products?

Ethical consumption, and consumer willingness to pay more for ethical products, is motivated by a need to turn emotions about unethical practices into action, say researchers.

Junk food cravings linked to lapses in brain function, suggests study

Overindulging in high-calorie snacks may be partly caused by lapses in a specific part of the brain suggested to keep knee-jerk reactions in check, say researchers.

Sugar not the sole cause of obesity: AB Sugar

British Sugar owner AB Sugar is fighting back against anti-sugar campaigners with the launch of a campaign informing people about sugar’s role in a healthy balanced diet.

Consuming high-fat dairy slashes type 2 diabetes risk: Study

A high intake of high-fat dairy products such as cream could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a Swedish study suggests.

Rabobank’s stark Scotch warning: Independence will hurt whisky industry

Rabobank believes the short-term impact of Scottish independence on the whisky industry would be negative – affecting access to export markets, foreign exchange, taxation rates and input costs.

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'90s redux: Surge soda returns from

Twelve years after it was discontinued, the Coca-Cola Co. is reviving Surge soda after fans of the citrus-flavored soda launched a Facebook campaign to bring it back.

Can General Mills overcome the Annie’s acquisition backlash? from

General Mills has defended the future of Annie’s natural and organic snacks under its ownership, but two experts say the company will have to work hard to beat the critics.


Wanted: Investment by food processing entrepreneurs to combat wastage from

Entrepreneurs must start to invest more in food processing if the country has any chance of reducing the amount of produce that is wasted, a government minister has warned.

Russian meat processing industry on the brink of going under from

The Russian meat processing industry is on the verge of a crisis, with dozens of producers facing the possibility of going bankrupt in the coming months, according to industry sources.

Prices set to slide as insiders forecast plentiful supply of feed grains from

Livestock producers can expect abundant feed grains and subsequent downward pressure on prices as bumper maize harvests are predicted in the EU and the US, and a greater proportion of the EU wheat crop is diverted to feed use.

Scientific breakthrough in control of deadly pathogen from

Scientists believe they may have found a new weapon in the fight to control the deadly foodborne pathogen Clostridium botulinum, as they have discovered genes that are crucial for its germination.


Researchers call for ‘radical rethink’ of free sugars targets

Researchers call for ‘radical rethink’ of free sugars targets

Intakes of free dietary sugars should make up no more than 3% of total energy intake in...

Wasted potential? FAO review highlights food and feed uses for fish and shellfish by-products

Wasted potential? FAO review highlights food and feed uses for fish and shellfish by-products

The huge amounts of waste produced from fish and shellfish processing have potential for use in food...

EU tightens rules on horse ‘passports’

Commission hopes horse ‘passports’ will stop food fraud

Member states have endorsed European Commission proposals to tighten identification rules for horses as part of post...

Oxfam: Greater controls on huge agri public–private partnerships

Oxfam calls for greater controls on huge agri public–private partnerships

The increasing trend towards government investment partnerships with large multinationals threatens land rights, equality and the environment...

Food addiction not possible, but eating addiction is: Review

Eating can be addictive - but sugar and fat are not like drugs: Review

People can become addicted to the process of eating but not to consuming specific foods like those...

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