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Can Russia's organic industry match Putin's ambitions?

Russian president Vladimir Putin wants Russia to become the worlds biggest supplier of eco-friendly food - but the country still has a long way in terms of organic certification and production, say experts.

The Russian government is encouraging organic food production partly because of the food import ban, said Organic Monitor director, Amarjit Sahota. © iStock

Chips are down: how development of potato snacking products has slowed

Development of potato-based snacking products has slowed in the UK as Brits turn to alternatives such as popcorn and tortilla chips.

Leatherhead: Industry must identify and curtail supply chain weak points

Leatherhead Food Research is advising industry to ensure supply chain integrity after stricter guidelines for food safety and hygiene offences came into force from the start of the month.

Food and drink firms shamed over unpaid wages

Food and drink businesses have been named and shamed for owing employees almost £4,000 in wages in a report on 92 offending companies by the business minster.

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