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Friend or foe: What is the evidence on zero-calorie sweeteners and obesity?

While swapping out calorific sugars for a zero-calorie sweetener may seem like a common sense public health policy, some recent reports have suggested that the reverse may be true. We take a look at the evidence and arguments for both sides of the story.

Cooperate with competitors to remove reformulation risk, say experts

Food companies need to come together and form 'ethical cartels' for successful reformulation, according to three food industry experts.

Tate & Lyle profits plunge amid restructuring

Tate & Lyle has reported a 30% drop in pre-tax profits, as it undergoes a major restructuring project.

Free NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator online event - June 3, 14:00 Paris time

Big debates, big issues: Is the food industry winning the war against weight?

As the ‘globesity’ health footprint grows and power weight management brands struggle to stay relevant in an age where smartphone apps deliver personalised solutions, join us next week for a free online event, where key issues will be debated.

Higher fibre intake could cut diabetes risk

New research data, coupled with a fresh meta-analysis of previous studies, has added to evidence that increasing dietary fibre reduces the risk of developing diabetes.