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English weather subdues ABF trading

Associated British Foods (ABF) has issued what stockbroker Shore Capital describes as a “rather subdued” trading update, following a disastrous UK beet sugar harvest

Agrana invests €27.6m in its Russian plant

Agrana is investing €27.6m in expending its Russian fruit processing capacity, as it anticipates growing demand for fruit containing products.

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Emerging markets see Devro invest in new capacity

Scottish sausage skin maker Devro is seeing growth due to rising meat consumption in emerging markets and the demand for conversion of casings from gut to collagen in animal hides.

Green & Black’s pledge hailed as Fairtrade UK reports £1bn retail sales

The conversion of Green & Black’s whole range and Ben and Jerry’s ingredients to Fairtrade this year could influence other companies to roll out further products under the label, said...

Conditioning process influences response and liking of new flavours: Study

Flavours can evoke specific feelings when introduced in a conditioned environment, and this may influence how consumers like them, suggests new research.

Recession may push Fairtrade off consumer radar

Fairtrade claims are currently less important to UK shoppers than health and even animal welfare product claims, data from MMR Research Worldwide indicates – while figures from the Fairtrade Foundation...

Emerging markets and sugar prices drive sucralose takeup, JK Sucralose

The market for the sweetener sucralose is poised for growth, with global production expected to top 15,000 tonnes by 2018, according to the world’s second largest sucralose producer.

Spanish team flags up 'right' formulation for functional bread

A blend of oat, rye, and buckwheat flours with wheat flour ensures a bread with added value in terms of nutrition, palatability, shelf life and ease of handling during processing,...

Organic produce no longer the UK media’s flavour of the month

Negative reporting of another study comparing organic and non-organic products in the UK may support the Soil Association’s belief that the sector is viewed more sceptically – by government as...

Microencapsulated lycopene may stabilise colour properties: Study

The natural, but unstable pigment could be stabilised for better use as a colouring agent in food by a microencapsulation spray drying process, according to research.

Organic Monitor predicts more investment in European organic sector

Organic Monitor predicts an eight per cent rise of European organic food and drink sales in 2011, as the global economy is coming out of recession more capital is now...

CSM to increase prices in 2011 due to hike in commodity costs

CSM will be forced to increase prices and reformulate products in 2011 due to the “dramatic increase” in commodity costs said the Dutch firm as it posted its full year results.

Commission introduces measures to ease EU sugar deficit

A European Commission initiative to release 500,000 tonnes of out of quota sugar onto the EU market has been backed by member states in the EU sugar management committee today.

Repeated exposures may offer better measure of consumer liking: Study

Single exposure tests to predict long-term consumer preferences may be less reliable than previously thought, according new research

Reformulation gathers pace in Italy

As the Italian Health Ministry steps up pressure on the country’s food sector to help reduce health risks by improving nutrition, industry federation Federalimentare says that reformulation is already making...

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UK health body releases food allergy detection guidance

The UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published new guidelines on diagnosis of food allergies in children, which emphasise the importance of professional detection and dangers of using...

First certified Vietnamese beans delivery is milestone for cocoa development in the region says Cargill

The delivery of Cargill’s first UTZ Certified beans from Vietnam marks an important milestone for the company in its bid to establish the region as a new origin country for...


The low fat world is flat…

Major EU food manufacturers continue to offer low- or no fat products as a consumer option alongside goods higher in fat, while the trend towards healthier food launches along these...

Better knowledge needed for salt reduction in cheese, says review

Producing an easy to manufacture, commercially acceptable low salt cheese requires better knowledge of the effects of salt on processing techniques and drivers of consumer acceptance, according to a new...

Brits advised to curb red meat consumption

The UK Government is expected to release a report this week which advises Britons to limit their red meat consumption to no more than 2.5 oz (70g) a day or...

Asian sweetener market on the rise again, report

The Asia Pacific high intensity sweetener market is bouncing back from the blow dealt by the financial crisis – but while new growth is on the cards, natural sweeteners like...

Arla Foods heralds recovery despite Danish struggles

Arla Foods claims to have put the recession behind it in 2010 despite coming under pressure from discount products in its domestic market.

Danish ministry updates fish recommendations

The Danish Ministry of Food, Agricultural and Fisheries has updated its recommendations of what sort of fish to choose and how much to eat per week.

UN chick pea vitamin paste battling malnutrition in Pakistan

A vitamin and nutrient-rich chick pea paste developed by United Nations scientists is helping in the fight against infant malnutrition in Pakistan.

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Build a BRIC strategy fast, IGD urges industry

Brazil, Russia, India and China will feature in the top five biggest grocery markets by 2015, with China set to snatch the top spot from the US in 2012, predicts IGD.

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