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Dragons and lions favour food business investments

Millionaire investors in TV series Dragons’ Den have a penchant for backing food and drink businesses, according to new research.

The dragons that feature in the TV series Dragons’ Den have a penchant for backing food and drink businesses,©iStock/Rawpixel Ltd.

Demand for organic meat on the rise, says Soil Association

UK sales of organic red meat are on a high, boosted by a belief that it is healthier than conventionally produced meat, according to the Soil Association.

Carbs and weight gain: Review points to low hormone levels that regulate fat

Researchers have investigated the mechanisms of action behind carbs and weight gain, pointing to hormone levels that regulate fat.

‘Portion control and re-sealable bags will be the future trends in confectionery’

Post-Brexit raw material costs, portion control and re-sealable bags are key concerns in the current confectionery market climate, according to Scottish private label confectioner Aldomak.

Neonatal nutrition gap could explain weighty issue of disease inheritance

The nutritional quality of a mother’s diet during pregnancy has a huge say in determining offspring attributes, such as weight and even susceptibility to chronic conditions, a UK study has speculated. 

Zeelandia selling bakery machinery business to focus on ingredients

Koninklijke Zeelandia Groep is selling its bakery machinery division to Everbake as it focuses its business on ingredients supply.


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Opinion: Why palm oil taxes are neither effective nor just

The French government’s planned palm oil tax was withdrawn in the National Assembly in June as part of the revision of the biodiversity bill. The removal of the tax led to protests from Greens, but was supported by the palm oil sector. In my opinion removing the tax was the right thing to do. 

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