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Dow Food Solutions

Dow Food Solutions provides global and regional brand owners with highly functional ingredients designed to improve the quality of their products and help consumers live healthier and more convenient lives.

Our ingredients help enhance texture, replace gluten, fat, meat or egg and preserve the color and taste of many of the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. We are respected by brand owners for the safety profile of our food technologies and our proven experience in compliance with global and local food regulations.


How food producers can cater to flexitarians

Changes in consumer dietary choices are expanding the market for meat-free products. A growing number of omnivores are cutting back on meat, creating a new class of flexitarians. People in this group want high quality vegetable protein-based products to replace meat in many of their meals. The challenge for food producers is to create meat substitutes that meet these demands while also catering for the overlapping allergen-free market.

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