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Ageing Europeans should change protein consumption habits: Solae

1 commentBy Caroline Scott-Thomas in Frankfurt , 19-Nov-2012
Last updated on 19-Nov-2012 at 10:48 GMT

The elderly in particular may benefit from plant-based protein
The elderly in particular may benefit from plant-based protein

Europe's population is getting older, bringing a range of nutrition-related health concerns to the fore, including how to maintain muscle mass as we age - an issue thought to be closely related to protein consumption.

While most Europeans consume more than enough protein, much of it is in the form of animal protein - and is often also high in saturated fat.Solae's director of global marketing Jean Heggie told FoodNavigator that consuming small amounts of plant-based protein throughout the day - rather than overloading on animal protein at an evening meal - could help maintain muscle mass in the elderly.

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all horsecaca

who would eat soy or pea or rice as a protein would be daft---estogenic goitregenic and phytates would take away any benefit from the effectand may increase cancers and other digestive disorders ALL BS

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Posted by T
20 November 2012 | 08h33

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