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Food industry gives cautious reception to UK-EU customs plan

The UK government’s approach for an interim Customs Union to protect business from a 'cliff edge' post-Brexit has been given a warm, if cautious, reception from food industry representatives.

Food safety ‘highest priority’ in post-Brexit trade deals

With concern mounting that post-Brexit free trade agreements could hit food safety standards in the UK, a government spokesperson insists food safety issues are of the “highest priority” to future...

Dutch arrests made as fipronil egg scare spreads to 17 markets

Authorities in the Netherlands are holding two suspects as part of the ongoing criminal investigation into the fipronil egg contamination scandal that has now spread to 15 European countries as...

Netherlands and Belgium face-off in fipronil spat

Authorities in the Netherlands have denied claims from their Belgian counterparts that they were aware of fipronil contamination in eggs as early as 2016 as a food safety scare in...

Greece looking into protection of the name Greek yogurt

Greece’s Ministry of Agriculture is setting up a working group to coordinate information on the production of Greek yogurt.

Brexit an opportunity to stamp ‘British-made’ on food, NFU insist

Policy-makers must take Brexit as an opportunity to enhance the UK’s ability to produce British food, according to the president of the National Farmers Union (NFU). 

Row over UK front-of-pack labelling intensifies

The row over whether front-of-pack labeling in the UK should conform to unified standards intensified today when campaign group Action on Sugar accused cereal manufacturers of “deliberately deceiving” shoppers with “poor nutritional labelling”....

EC battles organic food fraud with 'fingerprinting' test

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has developed a new metabolomics fingerprinting methodology that, the researchers say, could be used to authenticate organic food products.


Belgium aware of fipronil in June

Belgian authorities were aware that eggs destined to enter the human food chain were contaminated with insecticide fipronil in June, a month before the news broke and a mass recall...

News in brief

FSA’s ‘evolutionary thinking’ endorsed by IFST

The Institute of Food Science and Technology have given their backing to the Food Standards Agency’s ‘risk management framework’ recognising its ‘evolutionary thinking’ in enforcing food laws.

New ‘traditional use’ system could be source of new 13.1 claims

Change to novel foods rules may open door for raft of new fruits … and health claims

Simplification and centralisation of the European novel foods process means applications based on traditional use will soon be allowed – Resulting in shorter and cheaper routes to market, and the...

Scrap import tariffs and review food standards post-Brexit, says think-tank

The UK should use Brexit to “lower and ultimately eliminate” trade tariffs on food imports and review all scientific evidence on food safety, including genetically modified (GM) foods and chlorine-washed chicken....

Fipronil scare hits European egg suppliers

Millions of eggs have been pulled from shelves across Europe after Dutch and Belgian regulators detected the presence of high levels of a toxic insecticide, Fipronil, which is banned in...

Are you compliant with Turkey's new food labelling laws?

Turkish regulators are helping manufacturers comply with new rules on food labelling that ban terms such as 'real' or 'genuine' and prevent firms from making additive-specific free-from claims, such as...

pladis and Unite advance UK government’s apprenticeship plan

McVitie’s maker pladis and Unite, Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union, have signed an Engineering Apprenticeship Agreement to facilitate the recruitment of 50 apprentices into engineering roles at pladis by...

A storm in a tofu teacup? Dairy industry should focus on innovation not plant alternatives, says analyst

The dairy industry should stop patrolling supermarket shelves for crimes such as 'soy milk' or 'tofu butter' and focus on innovation in its own sector, according to Packaged Facts analyst...

Fake food and alcohol seizures at EU borders jump

Customs authorities detained more than 41 million fake and counterfeit products at the EU's external border in 2016 with a value of more than €670m.

What's the future of farming? It can only be agroecology, says Farms of the Future

Think of agriculture of the future and you may conjure up images of hydroponic lettuces grown in underground, urban bunkers or massive-scale precision farming using satellites and drones. But for campaign...

Does Europe need a legal definition of natural food?

With the US considering a legal definition of ‘natural’ food, does Europe need one too? It would increase clarity for a complex concept, but defining 'degrees of naturalness’ for origin,...

Mooovin' away from 'bargain-bin' UK: Raising livestock standards post-Brexit

Campaign groups have hailed Brexit as a historic opportunity to reshape food and farming systems to raise food-farming standards and finally bury the tag of “bargain-bin Britain”.  

EU will draft guidance to end 'totally unacceptable' dual quality discrimination

The European Commission is preparing guidelines to help national authorities identify and put an end to the "totally unacceptable" and discriminatory practice of dual quality foods, Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said yesterday....

FSA and FSS welcome guilty verdict in meat fraud trial

The FSA and FSS have welcomed the guilty verdict in the trial of a businessman convicted of adding horsemeat into beef.

Ireland brings in new rules on selling food online

Ireland’s Food Safety Authority has set out new guidelines stating the kind of information that food firms must provide when promoting or selling food online.

French people eat too much salt and not enough fibre: ANSES

The French population is consuming more processed foods, too much salt, and - “most importantly” - not enough fibre compared to ten years ago, according to a survey by the...

New Codex standard for dairy permeate powder will help dairy industry

The final approval of a Codex Alimentarius international standard for dairy permeate powder has been welcomed by permeate producer Arla Foods Ingredients.

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