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Ever since the European Commission's approval of stevia sweeteners in late 2011, suppliers and manufacturers have been working on new products to take advantage of its natural, zero-calorie positioning. Can they overcome early taste concerns? And can stevia ever compete with other sweeteners on cost?

A sweet tooth is just as genetic as asthma, says researcher

About 50% of our preference for sweet food and drinks can be attributed to genetics, about the same level of heritability as certain personality traits and asthma, according to a...

Small changes are the way to go (and that’s not an industry cop out!): Obesity expert

Obesity should be tackled in small steps, acknowledging where people are and not where public health officials wish they were, according to a US scientist.

dispatches from ISA conference 2014

Simplicity, not science, rules sweetener coverage

The average consumer’s desire for simplicity and the average journalist’s desire for a good headline is driving public perception of sweeteners, according to participants of a debate in Brussels....

dispatches from isa conference, brussels

Voices from the International Sweeteners Association Conference in Brussels

What role could sweeteners play in weight and diabetes management? Should we be 'curing' obesity or preventing it? Who tells us what to eat and why do we listen to...

News in brief

Stevia expert PureCircle posts much-reduced net loss ($1.9m) in H1, 2014; Sales surge 32% to $34.9m

Leading stevia supplier PureCircle posted a (much reduced) net loss of $1.9m in the six months to Dec 31, 2013, while sales surged 32% to $34.9m over the same period....

Groundbreaking stevia launch opens up completely new territory for formulators with sugar reductions of “50, 60, 75 and in some cases 100%”, says Cargill

The word ‘game-changer’ is used so liberally these days that Cargill has not given in to the temptation to employ it here. But ViaTech - its new range of stevia-based...

Stevia boosts reduced sugar drinks category

Stevia-derived sweeteners have given the reduced sugar beverage category a boost, as manufacturers look to appeal to consumers looking for fewer calories without artificial sweeteners, according to a Euromonitor analyst.

Sweeteners in the water supply? Stevia gains funding on environmental grounds

The Swedish government has supported a stevia project led by Bayn Europe and Barentz based on concerns that non-biodegradable sweeteners may have adverse effects on water supplies.

Health and wellness: Don’t mention the ‘D’ word (diet!)

Diet is becoming a dirty word, consumers prefer health and wellness, says Leatherhead.

Sugar concerns spark market gains for sweeteners

The market for high intensity sweeteners is growing rapidly, with plant-derived stevia providing the fastest growth, according to a new report from Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research.

Stevia, sucralose and aspartame: Which has the sweetest reputation?

While stevia's reputation remains sweet, sucralose and aspartame are slipping behind. Canadean looks at which sweeteners receive the best and worst press.

Stevia companies target half-sugar soft drinks

The taste of stevia-derived sweeteners has come a long way in just a few short years, and the major stevia suppliers are now focusing on cutting sugar by half in...

Stevia sees ‘exponential growth’ in Europe

Stevia sweeteners have appeared in about 1200 new products in Europe in the past two years – and 700 of those were launched in 2013, according to Cargill’s business development...

Sensus develops computer model to tackle dairy stevia aftertaste issues

Sensus has developed a computer model that it claims can identify the “ideal combination” of stevia and oligofructose for the replacement of sugar in dairy products.

Four trends propelling the dairy market

An ageing population, new EFSA health claims, protein perceptions and a focus on sugar as opposed to fat are some key considerations that are or should be driving the dairy...

News in brief

Tate & Lyle profits fall on lower US beverage demand

Tate & Lyle has reported lower profits in the first half of the year, citing poor demand for soft drinks in the United States.

Special Edition: Sweeteners

Stevia 2020, from Reb-A to Reb-X: Blends of new glycosides, ingredients from fermentation contribute to increasing complexity of market

Stevia scientists are still rolling the taste rock up the hill, engaged in the seemingly Sisyphean task of solving the ingredient’s lingering issues.  The sweetener’s huge potential drives formulators on,...

From bitterness extraction to synergistic ingredients: Stevia suppliers tout USPs as use grows in Europe

The European Union now accounts for 40% of all new stevia-containing foods and drink around the world, according to Mintel data, and companies are ramping up efforts to appeal to...

Showfloor blog: FI Asia-Thailand

Supply chain shocks driving Asian food producers to western quality

The non-Asian ingredient supply sector is fairly well represented here at Food Ingredients Asia-Thailand in Bangkok, but given current concerns about food supply chain security in the region, is probably...

Sweetener alliance: Firms join forces for ‘made in France’ stevia

A new partnership between French stevia firms Stevia Natura and Stevia Internacional Europe will create a ‘European leader’ for the production and marketing of the sweetener.

How does taste work? How our evolving understanding could lead to better food

Our understanding of how we taste is evolving, and with it, the opportunities to create foods that are tastier – and healthier.

Cheating the taste buds: The flavour challenge of salt, sugar and fat reduction

Sugar, salt and fat reduction have topped the research agenda for most large food companies for years – but when it comes to replicating the flavour of these crucial ingredients,...

Genetics may play a role in sweetener perception

Genetically influenced responses to sweeteners may mean that food and beverage companies require a range of artificial sweeteners to accommodate different consumer tastes.

Stevia without plants? We won’t rule it out – but it’s not what consumers want right now, says PureCircle

Stevia sweeteners can now be developed through fermentation – rather than extraction from stevia plants – but it is the plant-based message that is most important to consumers, according to...

From leaf to shelf: ISC aims to unite stevia supply chain

Stevia trade association the International Stevia Council (ISC) has called for more end users to become involved in its activities, to spur sustainability and more uniform standards in the sector.

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