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FDA bans more konjac products


US Food and Drug Administration this week announced recalls of mini jelly candies (or mini-cup gel candy) because these products present a choking hazard. These sweets contain the ingredient "konjac" (also known as conjac, konnyaku, yam flour, or glucomannan) that has already been suspended from confectionery products by the European Commission following fears that the product could be potential hazards for children.

GL Food Wholesale City of Industry and Philippine Foodtrade Corporation have recalled 100 cases of mini jelly candies. The product is distributed to retail establishments throughout southern California under the "Sugarland" brand. The label describes the product as "Jellyace Buko Pandan." The sweets come in small sealed plastic cups.

There have been six children's deaths from choking associated with this type of jelly candy throughout the United States in recent years.

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