Unfair Trading Practices

The lamb sector is crying out for EU changes to support volatility-hit income

Pressure on EU to bolster sheep farmers’ incomes

By Oscar Rousseau

EU farming body Copa-Cogeca has called for strong measures, including improved CAP payments and efforts to fight unfair trading practices, to increase profits in the sheep meat sector.

Unfair trading practices create an unfair supply chain, Copa-Cogeca claims

Calls for crackdown on unfair trading

By Oscar Rousseau

The European Commission has been urged to introduce legislation to clamp down on unfair supply chain trading practices at a high-level summit in Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava.

Changes to the supply chain are needed, according to Copa and Cogeca

‘Big changes’ needed in EU food supply chain

By Oscar Rousseau

A report from the EU Commission on ways to improve the functionality of the region’s food chain concludes that sweeping changes to the Supply Chain Initiative need to be made, according to EU farming body Copa and Cogeca. 


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