Confiture ReBelle on a mission to tackle food waste

Confiture ReBelle on a mission to tackle food waste

By Katy Askew

Start-up French jam maker Confiture ReBelle is a mission-based company that aims to reduce food waste in the country by shortening the supply chain and empowering citizens. ReBelle's Louise Le Duigou speaks to FoodNavigator about how the group plans...

VR Green Farms has recalled products including sundried tomatoes

Clostridium botulinum sickens two

By Joseph James Whitworth

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has warned consumers not to eat VR Green Farms jarred food products because of Clostridium botulinum concerns.

Salmonella in tomatoes post-harvest

Spread of Salmonella in post-harvest tomatoes

By Joseph James Whitworth

Tomato type, maturity and seasonal variability are the strongest factors affecting the ability of Salmonella to multiply in the fruit post-harvest.

New research could help to 'fix' the flavour of commercial tomatoes - so they are more similar in taste to more traditional and home grown varieties, suggest the researchers.

Scientists take first step to ‘fix’ tomato flavour

By Nathan GRAY

Researchers may have taken the first step in ‘fixing’ the flavour of commercially grown tomatoes after they uncovered how variability in chemical make-up holds the secret to the ‘real’ flavour of tomatoes.

Safety in the can

Safety in the can

Tin levels in UK canned foods are lower than five years ago and are
well within regulatory limits, according to a UK Food Standards
Agency survey released last week.


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