Supply Chain Management

Spin-offs, or divestments, can give companies more control over their supply chains. Image Source: Getty Images/Betsie Van der Meer

How food company spin-offs handle supply chains

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

When a food company spins off from its parent, it gains a greater degree of control over its supply chain. But with this, it acquires new levels of responsibility.

Engage to cut supply chain emissions, CDP urges

‘Surge’ in climate leadership puts greater focus on the supply chain

By Katy Askew

Last year saw a “surge” in climate leadership, prompting environmental disclosure platform the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) to praise food and beverage companies including Nestlé, Ajinomoto, Coca-Cola, Kellogg and Unilever for their supplier engagement...

Dr Ron Wacker at the Global Food Safety Conference

Dispatches from GFSC 2016 in Berlin

TÜV SÜD: There should be harmonisation of results

By Joseph James Whitworth

Many standards and regulations go in the same direction even if they use different ways but there should be harmonisation on the results, according to TÜV SÜD.

Food production already has the largest environmental impact globally of any human activity, but growing net demand means this will need to double by 2015 - how can this be done sustainably? © iStock

WWF to partner with food firms in sustainability think tank

By Niamh Michail

The World Wildlife Fund has launched Markets Institute, a platform bringing together large industry players and small SMEs to boost sustainability using market-based approaches, winning praise from global giant Mars.

Maple Leaf’s manufacturing facilities were certified to a GFSI recognised scheme by 2011

Maple Leaf aims for global food safety standard

By Chloe Ryan

Maple Leaf Foods has announced that the company will require all of its protein, ingredient and packaging suppliers to become food safety certified to a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standard in 2017.

Uni of Manchester work as part of the call

Understanding the Challenges of the Food System grant winner

Modelling the supply chain for predictive approach

By Joseph James Whitworth

An effort to identify weaknesses in the supply chain and make industry more predictive than reactive is being undertaken by the University of Manchester.

Michael Portillo will be debating key industry challenges at 14:00 on the Centre Stage on Tuesday March 25

Foodex 2014

Food manufacturing topics centre stage at Foodex

By Michael Stones

Broadcaster and former politician Michael Portillo will join a stellar cast of industry experts for more than 20 live events on the Centre Stage at the Foodex show next week.

Bill Michels, president of ADR North America LLC

Mapping supply chain first step in product safety

By Joseph James Whitworth

It is vital for food firms to map their supply chains and know where products are coming from to prevent contamination, according to the president of a specialty-consulting firm.

Rainforest Action Network says Kellogg cannot pass palm oil responsibility onto supplier Wilmar

RAN: Kellogg cannot deflect palm oil heat onto supplier

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Kellogg cannot shirk its palm oil responsibility by deflecting attention to its supplier, says RAN following a statement from Kellogg calling for productive talks between its supplier Wilmar and the environmental group.

ASA upholds complaint on Teso horsemeat ad

Tesco slammed for horse meat ad

By Joseph James Whitworth

Tesco has been slammed by the UK’s advertising watchdog for suggesting that the horse meat scandal affected the whole food industry.

‘If your company fails, we all fail’, says Cargill food safety exec

Dispatches from GFSI in Barcelona

‘If your company fails, we all fail’: Cargill food safety exec

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Greater cooperation on food safety throughout the supply chain to preserve company reputations was a major theme at this year’s GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) conference, wrapping up in Barcelona on Friday.

Monthly Career Insider

Why is a risk worth taking...? Leading Unilever R&D expert reveals all

By Jane Byrne

FoodNavigator launches a new series - Monthly Career Insider - whereby we profile leading industry lights, asking them how they got to where they are, their key insights into the sector and advice they can impart for anyone wanting to move into their...


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