Shelf Life

Healthy reformulation of baked goods will always have compromises, whether on taste and texture, shelf life or even cost, says Leatherhead's formulation expert


Minimizing compromise in healthy bakery reformulation

By Kacey Culliney

Reducing salt, sugar or fat in baked goods will always mean compromises so it’s important to ensure these concessions are minimal, says Leatherhead’s formulation expert.

Oxygen transmission test system helps tackle shelf life issues

Mocon clears the air with O2 test

By Jenni Spinner

Mocon has launched a system that gauges oxygen transmission rates through flat materials and food packaging.

Wholly Guacamole from Fresherized Foods, Inc. is open about using HPP to extend its shelf life

Companies ‘hide’ HPP due to consumer fears

By Fiona Barry

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is widely used to pasteurize food, but most food producers ‘hide’ the method because of consumer perceptions, a HPP consultant said.  

Werner Linders, Diversey Consulting. Photos courtesy of the Diversey blog

global food safety conference 2013 in barcelona

Sealed Air highlights main issues at GFSC

By Joe Whitworth

Sealed Air and Diversey highlighted minimising food waste, sustainability and verifying safety systems as focus areas for the firm relevant to food safety.

The Sial Innovation zone

Dispatch from Sial 2012

A future without packaging beckons

By Rod Addy

The food industry could be approaching a time when packaging will be completely eliminated from the supply chain, according to Olivia Milan-Grobois, business unit director, Sial Group.

As an HPP contract service provider, Universal Pasteurization Co. in Lincoln, Nebraska, has installed five Avure 350L systems to handle its growing volume. (Photo © Matt Ryerson, courtesy of Avure Technologies)

Avure say expansion is due to HPP demand

By Joe Whitworth

Avure Technologies will open a factory in the US by the end of the year in response to demand for High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment.

Lipid technology yields long-life fillings

Lipid technology yields long-life fillings

By Lynda Searby

ADM Cocoa claims to have overcome the barriers that have historically prevented the development of premium bakery and confectionery fillings with a long shelf life through the use of lipid technology.


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