FDSE was held from May 19 – 21 in Chicago

Food defense action being taken ahead of regulation - TycoIS

By Joseph James Whitworth

Major brand companies are aware of the threat posed by deliberate contamination and are taking mitigating food defense steps ahead of regulation but the risk is greater from smaller companies, according to Tyco Integrated Security.

SAFE consortium urges food safety importance

EU group stresses food safety focus

By Joseph James Whitworth

A group of European research organisations have stressed the importance of food safety by identifying knowledge gaps and areas which require more focus in response to concerns that the issue is slipping down the agenda.

New FDA figure finds his feet

New FDA figure finds his feet

Food safety was very much on the agenda this week when the newly
installed Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
aired his thoughts at the Annual Meeting of the National Food
Processors Association (NFPA) in Washington,...


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