Report reveals ‘hidden cost’ of salmon farming

By Oliver Morrison

The short-term pursuit of profits by salmon producers is creating significant unaccounted environmental and social costs, which include growing mortality rates, damage to local ecosystems, pressure on wild fish stocks and poor fish welfare, reveals a...

Two additional salmon ID tests launched by InstantLabs

InstantLabs expands ID tests to combat seafood fraud

By Joseph James Whitworth

InstantLabs has added two additional salmon identification tests to allow distributors, processors and government regulators to positively identify the species in less than two hours.

InstantLabs’ Hunter Real-Time PCR instrument

InstantLabs partners with FDA on catfish test

By Joseph James Whitworth

InstantLabs has partnered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a catfish species identification test to prevent mislabelling and seafood fraud.

Salmolux is based in Washington State

Listeria in spotlight with US salmon recall

By Rod Addy

Listeria monocytogenes is in the spotlight in the US as Salmolux of Federal Way, Washington State, recalls almost 5,000 lbs of cold smoked salmon potentially at risk of contamination by the pathogen.

Nathan’s Brand Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon 3 oz recalled

US hit by two fish recalls

By Joe Whitworth

The US has been hit by two separate fish recalls linked to Clostridium botulinum and listeria in the space of a week.

Jail for organic food scam

Jail for organic food scam

By David Visick

The director of a British food supplier which falsely described its products as organic has been jailed for more than two years, in what is believed to be the first custodial sentence for organic food fraud in the UK.

Fish processors tackle ads

Fish processors tackle ads

Major processors of canned tuna in the US have described a recent
ad campaign by environmental activists as being "an
irresponsible and highly inflammatory tactic" that will scare
consumers away from what they call a safe...

Fish farmers bite back

Fish farmers bite back

Industry group Scottish Quality Salmon has slammed research
recently published in Science magazine. The body claims that
the article on fish farming is misleading, and says that steps to
minimise PCB and dioxin levels in fish farming...

EU backs farmed salmon safety

EU backs farmed salmon safety

The European Commission has rejected warnings about the safety of
farmed salmon, saying that levels of harmful chemicals detected in
a recent scientific study are within safe limits. EU officials
contradicted the findings of US...

Norwegian salmon in the pink

Norwegian salmon in the pink

The issue of food labelling, which has been a hot topic of late,
has arrived in the ice cold waters of Norway. In the near future,
salmon raised in certain conditions will be able to bear the label
'This is a free range salmon...


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