S. Enteritidis

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Comparable MLVA results achieved between labs

By Joseph James Whitworth

Internationally comparable Salmonella Enteritidis MLVA results could be seen between labs often using different equipment, according to a validation study.

EU-wide Salmonella outbreak linked to eggs passes 400 illnesses

Ten countries have reported 183 confirmed and 246 probable cases

Netherlands, UK and Belgium report bulk of new Salmonella cases

By Joseph James Whitworth

Netherlands, the UK and Belgium have reported new cases in the first two weeks of December as part of the ongoing EU-wide Salmonella outbreak linked to eggs.

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Analysis of outbreak linked to French food bank

By Joseph James Whitworth

An outbreak of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis in France linked to beefburgers imported from Poland is one of the first to involve food banks, according to researchers.

ECDC and EFSA report on Salmonella outbreak from eggs

Contaminated eggs ‘no longer on market’

By Joseph James Whitworth

Eggs from Bavaria linked to a Salmonella outbreak that has sickened hundreds of people are believed to be no longer on the market, according to a joint EU report.


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