Madhūka is found in the forests of India. Image source: Instants/Getty Images

Versatile high-fibre 'superfood' Madhūka arrives in the UK

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Found in the forests of South and South East Asia, the Madhūka flower provides a versatile ingredient that can be used as nibs for cereals, snacks and museli, as powder for coffee and milkshakes, and as tea. Now, ōForest, a new brand, is bringing it to...

Pic: iStock

Lobby group calls for robust salt reduction programme in UK

By Oliver Morrison

Salt is the forgotten killer, according to campaign group Action on Salt. It is calling on Public Health England to allocate ‘sufficient resources to immediately resuscitate’ the UK salt reduction programme.

Nutek Salt celebrates UK shift on potassium chloride

Nutek Salt celebrates UK shift on potassium chloride

By Niamh Michail

Potassium chloride can instantly cut sodium by 50% without affecting taste, and with the UK's government advisory committee now saying the benefits outweigh the risks, US supplier NuTek Salt has cause to celebrate. "The situation was overblown...

Manufacturers should be made to declare how much potassium is in processed food, say campaigners, which could help certain consumers increase their daily intake and allow others to avoid it for health reasons. © iStock

Make potassium labelling mandatory for processed food: UK petition

By Niamh Michail

As new nutrition guidelines make labelling potassium on packaged foods mandatory in the US, a UK petition is urging the government to do the same but for different reasons - it would end the processed food "nightmare" for sufferers of Chronic...

New strategies for salt reduction

New strategies for salt reduction

By Nathan Gray

Reducing salt in food products is a key challenge for the industry, but reducing salt can impact consumer perceptions of taste and preference. Is it possible to maintain, or boost salt intensity and flavours, whilst reducing actual salt levels?


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