Polymerase Chain Reaction

Gel-like Image following Cross-Reactivity Tests. Note that the band at 82bp is present exclusively in the Horse control (lane 11) which is indicative of horse DNA  being detected

PCR approaches for detection of horse meat evaluated

By Joseph James Whitworth

An evaluation of the limits of detection (LOD) of three methods has shown that all have the potential and capability of reaching less than 0.1% w/w raw horse meat in a raw beef background.

Exova invested in the MagMax Express 96 extraction system from Life Technologies

Customer demand prompts PCR investment

By Joseph James Whitworth

Customer demand prompted investment in DNA analysis and authentication equipment to test a range of food products, according to Exova.

ECDC: A gel with a high score in all seven parameters

Typing quality of Listeria ‘encouraging’

By Joseph James Whitworth

The quality of typing Listeria by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) in EU labs is ‘encouraging’, according to an external assessment.

horse meat DNA test

Horse meat: demand for lower level testing

By Rachel Arthur

Higher sensitivity meat testing is demanded by the industry in the wake of the horse meat scandal, says Campden BRI, which provides technical, legislative and scientific support to the food and drinks industry.

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