Pig Farms

Atria will introduce a four-day working week at its pig slaughtering and production plant in Nurmo

Finland’s Atria tackling operating cost base

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Finland’s Atria is pushing ahead with plans to reduce its cost base in the face of lower revenues that are mainly being generated due to lost meat trade with Russia, following European Union (EU) and Russian tit-for-tat sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

So far six wild boar have died from ASF in Estonia

Estonia moves to halt spread of ASF

By Georgi Gyton

Despite preventative measures put in place by Estonia, it was only a matter of time before African swine fever (ASF) spread to the country, GlobalMeatNews has been told.

Caution over Russian pork investment

Caution over Russian pork investment

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russian food manufacturer Miratorg, which had planned to construct 10 large pig farms in the Kursk region of central Russia, has said it could be forced to stop building, due to the uncertainty on the domestic pork market.


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