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Aromatech develops natural mamey flavour

By Niamh Michail

Flavour firm Aromatech has developed a natural mamey sapote flavour which will allow manufacturers to tap into the trend for exotic, tropical fruit.

“We think there could be bigger impacts from getting a handle on promotions and (...) the deep, consistent advertising our children are exposed to on unhealthy foods,” Tedstone said.

Public Health England tells UK government: Sugar taxes do work

By Niamh Michail

All the evidence shows that sugar taxes decrease purchases and curb obesity– but restricting price promotions and junkfood advertising could have an even bigger impact, concludes Public Health England's report to the UK government.

Picture: Food Tech Expo and Summit

Trendspotting at the Food Tech Expo and Summit in Mexico City

By Steve Osborn, Principal Consultant, Food and Beverage, The Aurora Ceres Partnership, Banamex Mexico City, Mexico

What are the hottest trends in food and beverage in Latin America? Steve Osborn, principal consultant, food and beverage, at The Aurora Ceres Partnership, headed to the Food Tech Expo and Summit in Mexico City to find out...

RF Biocidics APEX machine

RF Biocidics partners with Sesajal

By Joseph James Whitworth

RF Biocidics has sold two food pasteurization machines to Mexican harvester and distributor Sesajal.

Taxation necessary to offset rising cost of a healthy diet

By Niamh Michail

The price of fruit and vegetables in the UK has tripled in the past 30 years, while the price of ice cream has halved – a pattern being repeated across the developing world which is fuelling the global obesity crisis.

Mexico is already the main non-EU market for Spanish cured, cooked and preserved pork products

Spanish pork producers target greater sales in Mexico

By Robert Stokes, in Málaga

Mexican inspectors have visited 15 meat businesses in Spain as trade negotiations between the European Union (EU) and Mexico raise the prospect of greater exports to the Latin American country.

US meat exports see value increase

US meat exports: value up, but volumes slow

By Carina Perkins

US meat exports volumes remained sluggish in September, but an increase in value meant that revenues for the third quarter remained ahead of last year’s record figures, according to USDA statistics.

Spirits low in Mexico

Spirits low in Mexico

Although the alcoholic drinks market as a whole is growing strongly
in Mexico, the country's consumption of spirits continued to
decline in 2002, according to a new report from industry analysts


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