Aleph Farms makes carbon-neutral pledge

Aleph Farms makes carbon-neutral pledge

By Aidan Fortune

Israeli cultivated meat business Aleph Farms has announced a new sustainability target of eliminating emissions associated with its meat production by 2025 and reach the same net-zero emissions across its entire supply chain by 2030.

“We strongly believe that this is a consumer need, that we provide our products to consumers, despite difficult conditions,

Regional conflicts cost Nestlé $220m

By Eliot Beer

Nestlé Middle East has lost around US$220m in the last three years due to regional conflicts, but insists it will not withdraw from troubled markets.

Combine and conquer

Combine and conquer

Carmel, Israel's biggest wine producer, is joining forces with six
boutique wineries to mount a joint marketing campaign in the UK and
other important wine markets. The companies will hope to shake off
their kosher-only image...


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